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1. Applicable Passengers:

Airline-to-Airline and Airline-to-Railway passengers who will transit at the Wuhan Hub (Wuhan Tianhe International Airport) on the same day and have to stay in Terminal 3. The “Airline-to-Railway Transit” applies only to passengers from other provinces. This policy does not apply to free tickets.

2. Applicable Time:

January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

3. Service Content and Standards:

The free transit meal coupon can be used at designated restaurants in the T3 terminal where free designated set meals will be provided. Restaurant addresses and names are as follows:

(1) International Departures Hall (L4) Yue Gang Tea Restaurant

(2) International Waiting Lounge (in the isolated area) DIO COFFEE + Hand-made Noodles with Beef

(3) Domestic East Airside Concourse (L2, in the isolated area) Ajisen Ramen, Wuxiaoguan, Briccocafe, Mr. Lee

(4) Domestic West Airside Concourse (L2, in the isolated area) DIO COFFEE + Hubei characteristic foods, Longxinglou Lanzhou Beef Noodles (2 restaurants), Hubei Specialty Food Opening Hours: 08:30-22:00

4. Meal Coupon Claiming and Using Process:

(1) Claiming Time: 08:30-20:00.

(2) Claiming Site: Transit Service Counter of Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (4 counters in total)

a. No check-in baggage transit service counter at domestic east and west airside concourses (L2, in the isolated area)

b. Check-in baggage transit service counter at domestic east and west baggage halls (L2, in the isolated area)

c. International arrivals transit service counter of CSAIR (in the isolated area, after immigration inspection)

(3) After completing the transit check-in procedure at the transit service counters of Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (hereinafter referred to as the “transfer counter”,) the transit passengers may claim the “free transit meal coupon” with the boarding pass of last flight segment and ID card. If the boarding pass of last flight segment is lost, passengers can inquire the information required at the transit counter and then claim meal coupons. The “Airline-to-Railway” transit passengers shall present their train tickets of the day.

(4) After claiming the transit meal coupons, passengers can enjoy designated set meals at the designated merchants in the terminal building. Passengers shall present their transit meal coupons and transit boarding passes upon merchants’ requests and sign in the registration form of "transit meal coupon".

5. Remarks and Instructions:

(1) Note: This service is provided by the Hubei Airport Group. CSAIR only assists passengers in applying the service and won’t assume any relevant responsibility.

(2) The “transit meal coupon” shall be claimed by the passenger in person at transit service counters and used on the day.

(3) “Airline-to-Airline Transit” passengers staying in the Terminal on the day may claim the coupons with no flight limits.