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Our delicacies will pamper your palate. At an altitude of more than 10,000 meters, you can enjoy both the genuine Oriental cuisine and the pure Western cuisine. The items on the menu marked with a kapok flower pattern are specialties CSA has chosen for you.

(I) Meal Booking

Do you want to challenge your taste buds at an altitude of over 10,000 meter? Are you wondering what delicacies are available on our flights?

Click Book Now to book your meals on board!

Booking conditions: CSAir provides free meal booking service for first/business class passengers on some domestic and international flights with CSAir as the actual carrier.

Booking time: For flights departing from China, book your meal 24 hours before flight departure time; for flights departing from other countries, book your meal 48 hours before flight departure time.

Booking quantity: Each passenger can book just one meal on each flight.

Click the following cities of departure to view the flight and menu information:

Guangzhou Auckland Los Angeles London
Dubai Sydney Melbourne Perth
Brisbane Frankfurt New York Paris
San Francisco Harbin Urumqi Changchun
 Zhengzhou Toronto Vancouver Beijing
Dalian Shenyang Changsha Wuhan
Nairobi Jieyang Shenzhen
Christchurch Guilin Zhuhai Haikou
Singapore Kunming Chengdu Chongqing
Sanya Luoma Xian Hefei
Hangzhou Nanjing Ningbo Shanghaipudong
Shaghaihongqiao Moscow Amsterdam Vienna(To be opened)

(II) Choice Food

• CSA Noodles – An original signature product: The well-brewed beef bone broth, chewy handmade noodles, choice Inner Mongolia beef brisket and tendon, parsley mince, pepper rings and fried peanuts tell you the true meaning of happiness!

• Potted Rice with Dried Meat – A Lingnan featured product: The fragrant rice is topped with richly flavored meat. The rice absorbs the essence of the dried meat and is tender and mellow; the dried meat is juicy but not greasy, bright-colored and delicious, filling your heart with warmth!

• Rice Noodles in Clear Soup – A Lingnan featured product: The clear soup is fresh and aromatic; the fine rice noodles are creamy and smooth. Our flights offer three types of rice noodles, namely Chaozhou Rice Noodles with Fish Balls, Rice Noodles with Beef Tendon and Marinated Egg, and Rice Noodles with Beef Tendon and Brisket. You are sure to find what you like!

(III) Air Cellar

In the CSA “Air Cellar”, we have collected dozens of good wine from well-known wineries in France, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, as well as world-renowned brands of brandy, whiskey, liqueurs and other wine. The certified wine sommeliers are at your service, so that you can experience the authentic wine culture in a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

(Ⅳ) Air Tea House

The high-end tea offered by this century old teahouse and the specially trained staff bring the best out in each other. You can taste the very essence of the most fragrant teas on your journey.

*These services are only available for some aircraft models and routes; the actual meals provided on the flight shall prevail.

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