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Before boarding, passengers and their baggage must go through a security check. Special passengers such as unaccompanied children, disabled and sick passengers, pregnant women, the blind, the deaf, or criminals cannot board unless they have met certain requirements, obtained approval from China Southern Airlines, and arrangements have been made for them in advance. Passengers with infectious diseases, mental illnesses, or severe diseases that may endanger themselves or the lives of other passengers will not be allowed to board. According to the relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China, China Southern Airlines reserves the right to reject passengers who cannot board and their tickets will be refunded as voluntary refunds. The following points specific the rules for carry-on baggage:

Lithium-ion batteries and liquids

Baggage Transport Restrictions

1. Is a security check compulsory? Is a security check necessary for my baggage and other free carry-on items? 
Before boarding, passengers, their baggage, and any free carry-on items must undergo a security check.

2. Whom should I contact if I wish to carry my weapons to my destination?
To ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, weapons and some knives are strictly controlled by law in China. It is therefore prohibited to bring them on board. If you still have and questions, please call our customer service hotline on 95539.

3. Can I go straight to the security check area and on to my boarding gate if I have a mobile boarding pass?
Yes, if you only have carry-on baggage you can proceed directly to the security checkpoint. However, if you have baggage that needs to be checked, you should go to check in your baggage first.

4. Which documents are valid forms of ID for boarding? What should I do if I lose my ID card?
When passengers are taking a domestic flight, the staff at the airport security checkpoints will check that passengers have valid ID documents and boarding passes to board a flight. Valid ID documents include: Resident identification cards, temporary identification cards, military IDs, armed police IDs, soldier’s cards, ID cards for military school students, military civilian cadre cards, retired military cadre cards, and army staff cards for Chinese passengers; travel documents for Hong Kong/ Macau, China and Taiwan,China residents; passports, travel permits, and diplomat cards for foreign passengers; as well as other valid identification documents stipulated by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Passengers under 16 year’s old can present their student ID cards, household registration, or the identification documents issued by their local public security bureau.

Passengers who have lost their valid ID documents can clear the security check using temporary ID documents issued by their local police station. If a passenger’s ID documents are stolen or lost while they are away from of his or her registered permanent residence, he or she can board a flight using a temporary ID issued by the public security bureau of the place where the ID was stolen or lost. The temporary ID should have a recent photo of the person attached to it, be stamped with a household registration stamp, and have an indication of its validity period.

Passengers with temporary ID documents for civil aviation transportation issued by the public security bureau of the Civil Aviation Authority can board a flight within the validity period of the certificate. China Southern Airlines will not allow passengers with a copy of an ID card, fake or altered documents, or other people’s ID documents to board and will instead transfer them to the public security bureau of the Civil Aviation Authority.