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Guangzhou-Auckland route

The flight time for the Guangzhou-Auckland route is about 13.5 hours. China Southern Airlines has invited Mr. Al Brown, the New Zealand's star chef, to design meals for the Auckland route.

The menu for the Auckland route is rich in Auckland flavors, such as local dairy products, beef, lamb, and seafood, which are famous in New Zealand. These food elements will be fully reflected in the meal designs. At the same time, in consideration of Asian dining, elements of Asian cuisine are fused into the meals. Examples include the spiced ginger-flavored duck leg with creamed sweet potatoes and pineapple jam, and the anise ginger-flavored brisket with mashed sweet potatoes, all using oriental herbal spices.

Guangzhou - London

It takes about 12.5 hours to fly from Guangzhou to London. "2.5 meals" are offered by China Southern Airlines for this airline, including one brunch, one dinner and one Chinese refreshment between them.

This brunch features breakfast elements and its main course is mainly hot food for lunch, which includes Chinese and western dishes, like, steak, sea food, afternoon refreshment and silver pout in lotus leaf, etc. For the main course of breakfast, our chefs have prepared a western-style cold breakfast which is a combination of sliced bacon and ham and cheese, with the royal British afternoon tea to meet passengers' needs.

Authentic British food like Scotland Filet Mignon and Irish Lamb Chop are highly recommended by our chefs. What distinguishes the Scotland Filet Mignon is that Scotland free-range beef is chosen for this course to go with Chinese sesame paste, truffle potatoes, and fresh asparagus. The savory paste and fresh seasonal vegetables will definitely make you drool. And the ingredients for Irish Lamb Chop are tender local lamb, served with the classic French stewed mixed vegetables and Italian johnnycake. This is the dietary trend in Europe. In addition, the royal continental refreshment prepared with reference to the royal British afternoon tea is also a great choice for first class and business class passengers of China Southern Airlines.

British Airways

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