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China Southern Airlines officially joins the Transit Without Visa (TWOV) Program and the China Transit Program (CTP). Passengers who are eligible in terms of meeting the following criteria may transit through Canada without applying for a Canadian transit visa by taking a China Southern Airlines flight with the final destination being the United States:

  • Holds a valid passport issued by China, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan (China), or Philippines;
  • Holds a valid US visa;
  • Travels on a China Southern Airlines flight from Guangzhou to Canada;
  • Transits through Vancouver International Airport or Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson Airport, with the final destination being the United States,

TWOV passengers may stay in the TWOV transit area and the area around the US boarding gate, but shall leave Canada before 18:00 on the same day of arrival and head for the United States by taking their transit flights.

Procedures for Visa-free Transit

Before boarding, the China Southern Airlines Check-in Department will examine your ID and visa to verify whether you are eligible for visa-free transit:

(I) For passengers from China, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan (China), or Philippines who meet the requirements according to TWOV policies and wish to transit to the United States, the China Southern Airlines Check-in Department will provide these passengers with a "conjunction boarding pass" so the passengers' luggage may go directly to the United States (if the flight to Vancouver is delayed for more than 6 hours, the passengers will then be unable to travel due to the closure of the Vancouver transit counter – such passengers shall have to change their flight to the next day);

(II) Passengers who hold a passport issued by the United States, Canada, Japan, or a passport allowing entrance to Canada without a visa, or a Green Card (United States Permanent Resident Card), or a Maple Leaf Card (Canada Permanent Resident Card), and who will transit through Vancouver to the United States shall also be treated as TWOV passengers, and will be provided with a "conjunction boarding pass", so that their luggage goes directly to the United States.

(III) Passengers that fail to be classified as one of the two types of passengers above are not eligible for visa-free transit; Passengers failing to present a visa or document for entering Canada shall not be able to board the flight.

Flight Information for Reference

China Southern Airlines Flight Schedule: Guangzhou – Vancouver

Routes Flight Number Take off
(local time)
(local time)
Guangzhou to Vancouver CZ329 14:00 09:26 Daily
Vancouver to Guangzhou CZ330 11:30 AM 5:20 PM Daily

Indonesia/Thailand/Taiwan (China)/Philippines – Guangzhou

Flight available city Schedule
Jakarta One flight per day
Bali One flight per day
Bangkok Five flights per day
Chiang Mai Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday
Taipei One flight per day
Manila Two flights per day

Information for Flights Originating from Vancouver and Traveling to a US City Operated
by Partner Airline Companies of China Southern Airlines

Departure city Arrival city Partner airline company
Vancouver Los Angeles Canadian WestJet Airlines
Las Vegas
Palm Springs
Seattle Alaska Airlines
Minneapolis Delta Air Lines
Salt Lake City

*The time above is local time; please check the actual time.