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1. Please check your name, flight number, and flight date after receiving your E-ticket itinerary. If there is any problem, please contact your ticket agency immediately. You may inquire the ticket sales staff about the aircraft.

2. Special meals should be booked 24 hours before departure. If you need a bassinet, please book when you purchase your ticket and make sure your baby weighs less than 12kg/25 pounds.

3. Make sure to bring your ID card, passport, the itinerary and other personal necessities with you.

4. When taking an international flight, you should learn about the inspection & quarantine and customs regulations, the time difference and the weather at your destination in advance.

5. To provide passengers a comfortable flight environment, we will keep the passenger cabin at 23-25℃. We provide a quilt, a long mattress, a travel pillow and a waist pillow for every first-class and business-class passenger of long-range international routes and the sumptuous first-class passenger of domestic routes; a quilt/blanket and a pillow for every first-class and premium economy-class passenger of domestic routes, as well as premium economy-class and economy-class passenger of long-range international routes; some blankets for economy class passengers of domestic routes, which are for preferential use by the eldly, the weak, the sick, the disabled, the pregnant and children in principle. Therefore, economy-class passengers may bring a jacket for warmness.

6. Passengers should take the airline bus to the airport according to your flight date and number against the bus ticket or air ticket (generally, the bus fair is included in the air ticket). You may go to the airport by yourself in other ways. You should get to the airport in advance for going through check-in procedures (for instance, document examination and security check) so as not to miss the plane.

7. Try to bring as less carry-on items as possible. Large baggage should be checked.

8. Airsickness prevention: passengers feel airsick because of balance organs disorder and poor physical fitness. Generally, airsickness can be prevented by taking some anti-carsickness or sea sickness medicine 15 minutes before boarding. Passengers with serious airsickness can take the following measures to avoid or ease the symptom: get enough sleep and rest at the night before boarding; orally take “Yunjining” (an anti-airsickness medicine) one hour (or at least half an hour) before departure; try to pick the seats near the window but far away from the engine so as to get less noise but wider vision.

9. Pregnant women are more prone to thrombosis. So they are suggested to wear tight stockings and keep feet raised during the flight. We also suggest that pregnant women ask a doctor for opinion before travel to avoid any danger.

10. As diabetics need timing injection of insulin, we suggest diabetic passengers consult the doctor before travel about the doses and type of insulin injection to bring, and make accurate plans for insulin injection. Do not fly on an empty stomach. Eat a little food such as fruits, vegetables, salad, biscuits, cereal bars and bread before or during the flight. Do not drink coffee, black tea, or alcoholic beverage. Do not smoke or eat anything spicy or greasy.

11. If you feel sick or are diagnosed with disease before boarding, please take the medicine prescribed by the doctor with you. If your medicine requires cold storage, please contact with our crew.