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A passport is a travel document, issued by a country’s government, that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel. The personal information on a passport must be fully consistent with that on the bearer’s ID card or household register. It must be true and accurate to ensure smooth travel.

1. Passports are also required for children and infants under two years old.

2. Some countries or regions require that a passport must be valid for at least 3-6 months beyond the period of stay. Please visit the Consular Service Network of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find out the requirements on passport validity for your destination.

3. A Chinese citizen applying for an ordinary passport in China shall submit the application in person to the exit and entry administration of the public security bureau of local people’s government above county level his/her place of domicile. For detailed provisions and passport application procedures, please refer to the Passport Application Guide of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


A visa is a certificate (often a stamp marked on the applicant’s passport), issued by a country’s government, that permits a foreigner to enter and exit or pass through the country. According to the principles of international law, a sovereign country has the right to decide whether to allow a foreigner into and out of the country, and it also has the right to deny a visa application, issue a visa, or cancel an issued visa in accordance with the domestic law.

1. For details about visa application, please refer to the Visa Application Guide of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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