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1.May I take my pet into cabin?

Sorry, pets are not allowed in cabin. Pets need to be checked in.

2.What are the requirements for pet checking?

1. Valid certificates on animal entry, exit and transit of the People’s Republic of China and relevant nations must be obtained;

2. With the prior approval of China Southern Airlines and relevant successive carriers, the animal transportation must be managed in accordance with relevant regulations. 

3.Which animals can be brought into the cabin?

No animals, except the guide dogs, can be brought into the passenger cabin. 

4.What documents are required for pet checking?

The small animals to be transported should be free from infectious diseases. The small animals which conform to the transportation conditions should also be provided with the following certificates: Quarantine Certificate and Rabies Immune Certificate, exit and entry or transit license, and other certificates regulated by the entry or transit country. 

5.How to charge for taking a pet?
The small animal will be charged as common overweight baggage. The small animal and its cage can not be counted into the free baggage allowance. As to an airline applying piece baggage calculation, the small animal will be charged twice of common overweight baggage rate. The dog trained to help the blind or the mute and deaf can be counted into the free baggage allowance. Transportation of pets is not available for value declaration.