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Notes for China Southern Airlines Paid-for Seat Reservation Product Purchase

Article I - Product Concept

1.1 Paid-for seat reservation products: CSA provides paid-for seat reservation service for passengers that have bought tickets.

1.2 Product validity: from the moment the passenger pays for the seat reservation product on the CSA official website to the flight departure.

Article II - Product Scope

2.1 Applicable tickets: passengers must have purchased international economy class tickets for flights with CSA as the actual carrier and have reserved seats.

2.2 Applicable flights: flights shall begin with 'CZ' and have CSA as the actual carrier.

Article III - Product Content and Standards

3.1 Content of paid-for seat reservation service: CSA shall retain the flight's reservation area in advance and passengers shall be seated in the comfortable seats they have paid to reserve.

3.2 Standards of paid-for seat reservation service: CSA only provides passengers with the above-mentioned seat reservation service; other ground and cabin services shall correspond with the standards for the tickets purchased by passengers.

Article IV - Paid-for Seat Reservation Product Pricing

4.1 Paid-for seat reservation products are priced depending on different routes and seat types; the prices shown on the CSA official website shall prevail.

4.2 CSA reserves the right to adjust the prices of paid-for seat reservation products without prior notice.

4.3 If you would like to receive an invoice for a paid-for seat reservation product, please call 95539 within 30 days after the flight and give your address to customer services. CSA will post the product invoice to your address within the agreed time.

Article V - Order Becoming Effective

5.1 Definition of 'order becoming effective': When you have reserved the seat, follow the system prompt to confirm the order and make payment, and the order will immediately become legally effective.

5.2 If the order has become effective but the reserved seat has not been used by you for the flight, the refund is subject to Articles VI and VII herein.

Article VI - Voluntary Seat Cancellation

6.1 You can log into the official CSA website and apply to cancel the paid-for seat reservation product more than 48 hours before flight departure.

6.2 Paid-for seat reservation products are not refundable within 48 hours before flight departure and after takeoff; if you have voluntarily changed the flight and have purchased the seat reservation service for the new flight, you can call the CSA sales hotline on 95539 and apply to cancel the original paid-for seat reservation product.

6.3 Paid-for seat reservation products are not refundable if the passenger does not comply with the emergency exit seating requirements due to his/her own reasons.

Article VII - Involuntary Seat Cancellation

If you fail to use the reserved seat under either of the following circumstances, please call the CSA sales hotline on 95539 and apply for a refund; CSA will provide a full refund for the paid-for seat reservation.

7.1 You fail to use the seat that you paid to reserve due to changes in the aircraft type and time, flight cancellation or seat adjustment in the check-in process.

7.2 You fail to use the seat that you paid to reserve due to involuntary change, cancellation or transfer of the ticket.

Article VIII - Your Obligations

8.1 You are obliged to provide CSA with valid contact information so as to receive SMS notifications or telephone calls from CSA under special circumstances.

8.2 You shall use the paid-for seat reservation service as agreed and shall not change the seat by yourself.

8.3 According to CAAC regulations, emergency exit-row seats are limited to passengers above 15 years of age who meet the relevant conditions and are willing and capable of fulfilling the relevant obligations. If necessary, they must be both physically and verbally able to fulfill relevant obligations to assist emergency evacuation.

8.4 According to relevant regulations by government authorities and CSA, to ensure flight safety, CSA has the right to make adjustments with passengers sitting in the emergency exit-row seats. Please cooperate with our staff in seating adjustments in a timely manner.

Article IX - CSA's Obligations

9.1 CSA promises to follow the order to provide you with the seat that you have paid to reserve.

9.2 CSA shall inform you of relevant regulations concerning the purchase, use and cancellation of paid-for seat reservation products.

9.3 If you fail to enjoy the seat reservation service due to the cause attributed to CSA, CSA shall be responsible for a refund.

Article X - Force Majeure

If either party cannot fulfill or cannot continue to fulfill the agreed content of an effective order due to force majeure (including natural causes such as earthquakes, typhoons, lightning, floods and fires, and human causes such as wars, governmental action, hacker attacks and technical control by telecommunications administration), neither party shall bear the liability for the breach unless otherwise provided by law.

Article XI - Governing Laws and Regulations for Dispute Settlement

After the order has become effective, any dispute arising from the fulfillment of the agreed content of this Notice or the order shall be settled in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.