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I. Definition

A blind traveller is an adult traveller who is blind in both eyes or defective in eyes (for example, those who need ancillary facilities due to mobility impairment caused by amblyopia).

Deaf-mute passengers refer to passengers who cannot speak because of hearing defects in both ears, and do not refer to those with ear diseases or weak hearing.

II. Quota

The number of blind passengers carried on each flight is limited. To use this service, please request through the sales channels of China Southern Airlines; there is no limit to the number of deaf-mute passengers on each flight.

III. Service Classification

1. Blind travellers accompanied by adult travellers who are at least 18 years of age with full capacity for civil conduct. Such blind passengers are accepted for carriage as general passengers.

2. Blind passengers/deaf-mute passengers with guide dogs/hearing dogs;

3. Blind passengers without adult companions or guide dogs.

IV. When to Apply

Blind/ deaf-mute passengers who need to bring a service dog (guide dog/ hearing dog) into the cabin should make requests at the time of seat reservation, or no later than 48 hours before the flight departure time.

V. How to Apply

The passenger or his guardian should fill in the Special Passenger Carriage Application Form (in duplicate) and present the identity and quarantine certificate of the service dog to the sales office affiliated with China Southern Airlines, the Customer Service Center 95539 or an authorized agent.

VI. Applicable Fares

Passengers with service dogs are entitled to the same discounted fares as regular passengers, and are not required to pay extra fees for the service dogs they carry.

If you agree to transport your service dog as checked baggage, we may transport it along with its container and food for free according to the small animal transportation procedure.

VII. Change and Refund

For passengers who have successfully reserved the service, flight/ date change or service cancellation shall be handled as per the ticket use rules; upon ticket change, if the service is still needed, please apply for it again according to the application procedure.

In case of flight abnormality, we will:

1) After obtaining passengers’ consent, help special passengers and their companions change to flights where special services are available, which is free of charge;

2) After obtaining passengers’ consent, perform involuntary refund for special passengers and their companions.


1. For passengers with hearing impairment, please visit the local offices of China Southern Airlines according to the contacts provided in the Service Office on this website or log in to CSAir official website/ APP for ticket booking.

2. To take flights with electronic cochlear implants or other hearing aid devices, passengers are not required to give prior notice and may use them throughout the journey. Passengers may carry crutches or other ancillary equipment, but must place them flat on the cabin floor and may not be extended to isles or obstruct emergency exits. If your crutch is non-foldable or cannot be stored under the seat, you may refer to cabin attendants for assistance with storage. Carrying the above auxiliary equipment will not be charged.

3. Passengers carrying service dogs should check in at the airport 2 hours before the check-in deadline for ordinary passengers. Please present the identification and quarantine certificates of your service dog to us when you purchase tickets and take flight. For international or regional flights, you should also provide the animal permit related to the entry, exit or transit country.

4. An in-cabin guide dog shall wear a muzzle and harness before boarding, and should be at the foot of the passenger it serves. It is not allowed to occupy a seat and run freely in the cabin.

5. During flight, it is forbidden to feed the guide dog, except for a small amount of drinking water. In case of long-haul flights when it is necessary to feed it midway, please feed on the ground during stopover. The feed shall be prepared by the passenger.

6. Since short-nosed breeds of dogs are sensitive to temperature changes, they are prone to suffer respiratory problems during transportation, resulting in death. Therefore, for the safety of your dogs, we do not recommend short-nosed dogs as service dogs.

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