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Domestic-international passengers with baggage who transfer in Guangzhou can apply for direct-to-destination baggage check-in at their place of departure. There is no need to check-in baggage again in Guangzhou (unless transferring to a foreign airline).


1. According to China's relevant provisions, any inbound articles are subject to customs inspection.

2. CSAIR now provides "through transport during the whole journey" for any and all inbound airlines. In other words, passengers handle the to-destination boarding pass and baggage check-in formalities at their place of departure and, upon arrival in Guangzhou, go to the transfer area designated by customs under the guidance of staff to wait for CSAIR's staff to handle the customs inspection concerning the checked luggage. Upon completion of the said inspection, they can leave for their next flight.

3. International-domestic passengers who already have the boarding pass for the connecting flight and a baggage tag can enjoy a hands-free baggage transfer. Please contact the transit staff after going through immigration procedures to clear and confirm your baggage.