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We offer tasty meals prepared with choice ingredients. Are you tired of the insipid airline meals? We combine passengers’ dietary preferences and nutritional needs to provide you with featured meals that are unique to Guangzhou and CSA.

Featured Food –Premium Economy

·Salt Baked Chicken Rice with Green Onion and Ginger Sauce: With ginger onion, rice wine, chicken as raw materials, making in unique method,flavour is rich and attractive, the bone and meat are delicious.

·Fried Beef Rice: With beef, green hot peppers, red hot peppers as raw materials, taste delicious and very attractive.

·Hainan Chicken Rice: Plain Chicken in Wenchang local method,cooked rice with chicken oil, commonly known as “Wenchang Chicken Oil Rice” in Hainan.

·Fried Pork Rice with Potherb mustard: Nutrition is rich in Potherb mustard, taste fresh and brittle after curing crisp, slightly sour, perfect collocation with minced meat.

In order to meet your particular needs, CSA has also introduced a variety of Special Meals.

*The featured products are only available on some flights; the actual meals provided on the flight shall prevail.

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