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1.What are the restrictions on pregnant passengers?

* A pregnant woman in the first 32 weeks of pregnancy may travel by plane as an ordinary traveller unless deemed unsuitable to travel by plane by the doctor.

* To travel by plane as a pregnant woman being pregnant for over 32 weeks, you need to provide the doctor’s certificate of diagnosis with the following information:

.                 - Name and age of traveller;

.                 - Date of pregnancy;

.                 - Flight range and date;

.                 - Suitable to travel by plane;

.                 - Are other special care required on the plane.

(The certificate of diagnosis mentioned above should be issued within 72 hours before the passenger boards the plane and should bear the seal of a hospital above county level and the signature a doctor at the hospital to take effect.)

* A pregnant woman being pregnant for over 9 months (36 weeks) with the expected date of childbirth within 4 weeks or uncertain with the knowledge that the childbirth is uncertain but it is uncertain with the knowledge that multiple labour or complications or delivery are expected is not accepted to travel by plane.

Please fill out a Boarding Application for Special Travelers (Pregnant Women) in three copies (in the same format as that of the Application for diseases or disabled travellers) and check the Medical Certificate or Certificate of Diagnosis according to the conditions of acceptance above before reservation of the flight for a pregnant woman being pregnant for 32 to 36 weeks. The seat booking procedures can only be transacted after confirmation of compliance with the transport conditions.

Please refer to Special Travel Requirements for details