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1. China Southern Airlines strictly limits the quantity and packaging requirements of the following goods when they are being transported. These goods may be checked in for transportation as baggage under the premise that they meet the transportation requirements of China Southern Airlines and are approved for transportation by China Southern Airlines.

Articles Limited in Transportation
1. Precise instruments and electric appliances must be checked in as goods and be properly packaged. The weight of such goods must not be included in a free baggage allowance if they are checked in as baggage.
2. Firearms and ammunition for hunting or sporting purposes may not be brought into the cabin as carry-on luggage. Firearms must be unloaded with the safety catch on and be properly packaged. Such firearms and ammunition must be transported in compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations set out by China Southern Airlines.
3. Drikold, beverages containing alcohol, and smoking sets, medicines, cosmetics, etc. required by passengers during travel.
4. Diplomatic pouches and confidential documents.
5. Sharp weapons and blunt instruments which are not controlled knives such as kitchen knives, table knives, fruit knives, arts and craft knives, scalpels, scissors, steel files, iron wimbles, axes, short staffs, and hammers etc. must be included in checked baggage for their transportation.
6. Small animals and service dogs which conform to transportation regulations and do not include aggressive dogs or short-nosed cats and canine animals.
7. Folded wheelchairs or electric-powered wheelchairs used by passengers during travel.
8. Liquid products carried by passengers.
9. Any goods which are not suitable to be transported in the cargo space of an aircraft (such as intricate musical instruments) and do not meet the applicable requirements (beyond the weight and volume limitations) must be carried onto the plane to occupy a seat. Transportation of such goods must be paid for, and owners are responsible for looking after such goods by themselves.
10. Any irregular sized baggage (not skis and sleds).

2. Due to safety reasons, please do not put spare lithium batteries, electronics containing lithium batteries, or portable power sources (power banks) in your luggage to ensure smooth transport of your checked baggage.

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