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China Southern Airlines provides high-quality service of duty-free purchase for passengers of international flights. Most of the In-flight duty-free goods are well-known international brands, with a large range of varieties, fine quality and competitive prices. They include perfume, skin-care products, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, cigarettes, wine, leather goods, popular digital products, chocolate candies, children's toys, ethnic products, and so on.
As for the international renowned brands, among them are Lancome,Estee Lauder,VERSACE, FolliFollie, Swarovski, Pandora,Remy Martin, Chivas Regal, Marlboro, Chunghwa Cigarette, etc., which cater to the elite, fashionable women, young people, outbound tourists and those in other different consumer groups. For men and children in particular, the store provides a number of unique goods. There are also wonderful ethnic goods. All good things are waiting for you!

All the duty-free products have to be purchased in flight. We also provide you with convenient, personalized ordering service for in-flight duty-free purchase, which enables you to order them before boarding and then pay and collect on board.