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Baggage weight and size limitations

Types Routes Maximum Weight of Each Piece Maximum Dimensions per Piece
Domestic flights
International/regional flights The U.S.A. routes are involved
The U.S.A. routes are not involved


1、During domestic segment of international journeys, the free baggage allowance for every passenger shall be calculated in accordance with that of international journeys;

2、The forgoing specifications of baggage (including volume and weight) are the allowable maximum by the Airlines rather than free baggage allowance, and you need to pay for the overweight;

3、The baggage exceeding the forgoing specifications must not be transported as baggage. So, we suggest passengers to take apart and subpackage their baggage, in order to ensure single items of their luggage to be registered meet the restrictions and thus may be checked as normal baggage. If any baggage cannot be separated, the owner shall consign it to Cargo Department of China Southern Airlines.

Tips for packing

1、Luggage, travel bags, handbags must be locked;

2、 Packs above two cannot be bundled into one;

3、Nothing else can be attached or inserted to the checked baggage;

4、Plastic bags, bamboo baskets, string bags and straw ropes cannot be the wrapper of checked baggage;

5、Passengers’ names, detailed addresses and phone numbers should be written on the baggage.

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