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1.Is it allowed to use prams or baby car seats on airplanes?

Sorry they are not allowed. However, baby cradles are provided to those babies without seats on flights longer than 3 hours with aircraft types of A380, A330-300, A330-200, B777A, B777B, B787 and B777-300ER (B77W).

2.How to reserve a baby cradles during a flight?

You can book this service by logging into China Southern Airlines’ official site, calling China Southern Airlines’ customer service number 95539 or going to local authorised ticket offices directly 24 hours beyond the estimated departure time.

3.Is there any restriction for applying on-board baby cradle service?

This service is only available for infants under 1 years of age, and with maximum height of 70cm and maximum weight of 12kg (25lbs.) due to the limited size of the baby cradles on-board.

4.What is the free baggage allowance for an infant?

An infant ticket purchased at 10% of normal price is provided with a free baggage allowance of 10kg. A cradle or a foldable baby stroller (size not exceeding the volume of the storage space provided) can also be carried for free.

5.Is an infant allowed to take a flight?

To ensure passenger safety, infants younger than 14 days are not accepted for carriage. 

6.Can I bring stroller and infant food into the plane?

Foldable baby strollers can be taken into the cabin, but each passenger can only take one; baby food and items can also be carried after being shown and made known to the security check personnel before boarding.