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1.How are power sockets distributed in First-Class cabin?

There is a 110V power socket equipped on each seat in an A330 airliner. However, there is no such facility in other models of airliners. 

2.What are the entertainments in First-Class cabin?
In-flight audio system, in-flight video system, our personalized service product of PMD, magazine and newspapers.
3.How about catering in First-Class cabin?
We offer both Chinese food and western-style food, as well as over eight kinds of beverages and liquors for First-Class guests.
4.Are there articles of cosmetics and toothbrush set available in First-Class cabin?

Toothbrush set, disposable slippers, and eyeshade are available for long haul routes over six hours. Mouth wash, skin cream, moisture spray and perfume are also available in washroom. 

5.What services are offered in Business-Class of long-range international flights?

In-flight entertainments, catering, in-flight duty-free goods and China Immigration Quarantine (CIQ) declaration. 

6.What services are provided in Business-Class of medium- and short-range flights?

In-flight entertainments and catering. 

7.Are there articles of cosmetic and toothbrush set available in Business-Class?

Cosmetic and toothbrush set are available for flights over six hours. 

8.What catering and entertainments are offered in Economy-Class?

Service varies based on domestic and international flights. Beverages and liquors of over five kinds are provided in international flights. While only beverages are provided in domestic flights. Unified catering is offered and you are welcome to use our standard entertainments, including inflight audio and video systems, magazines and newspaper. (Excluding short-haul flights) 

9.Are there articles of cosmetic and toothbrush set available in Economy-Class?

Yes, they are offered on the flights over six hours.