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1.What is a mobile boarding pass?
Mobile boarding pass is a multimedia message that the passengers receive from online check-in, check-in SMS, which contains two-dimensional bar code and information such as passenger name, flight number, departure gate and seat number etc.
2.What does mobile boarding pass look like?
Mobile boarding pass consists of two parts: one is a 2D bar code; the other is flight information. All relevant information is listed on the mobile boarding pass.
3.Which airports are available for mobile boarding pass?
At present, all domestic direct flights departing from Beijing, Shenyang, Wuhan and Guangzhou (except for flights from Guangzhou to Lhasa, from Guangzhou to Urumchi, and infants, children and the injured and disabled passengers who need special care) have already launched the mobile boarding pass service. Passengers who take flights from Guangzhou and Wuhan can use their two-dimensional code boarding pass to get through the security check and boarding gate directly; passengers who take flights from Beijing and Shenyang should print their mobile boarding pass at the airport counter and then take the paper boarding pass to get through the security check. Steady improvements are being made in other cities.
4.What is the configuration required for a mobile to accept two-dimensional code?What is the requirement for using a mobile before receiving the code and at the security check and boarding gate?
The mobile screen module is too small. The standard reading accuracy of the read-in detector is 3MIL (1mil=0.0254mm). With the upgrading and the updating of mobile terminal, the screen is more and more precise, and the unit pixel of some advanced mobile screen has nearly reached to 3MIL, so the identification is hard. And heavy wear and critical dirt on the mobile screen can also affect read-in.
5.How to guarantee the security of the two-dimensional barcode?
With the help of encryption techniques, the two-dimensional barcode can guarantee the security of information. The two-dimensional barcode used for mobile boarding, like the TV screen with snowflakes which does not have an image, contains the specific information of passengers and flights, including name of passenger, flight number, boarding gate and seat number. It is much more complicated than the traditional one-dimensional barcode. When passengers get through the security check, they still need to provide ID cards with their photos so that the airport security inspection staffs can check whether the information is consistent.
6.Can I use a printed mobile boarding pass?
The mobile boarding pass can only be used on self-service equipment or printed at the airport counter. If you want to print the mobile boarding pass in advance, please use the online check-in service.
7.How to get information about the boarding pass?
Please log in to the China Southern Airlines website for related information.
8.How would you deal with the matter if I delete the mobile boarding pass accidentally?
You can deal according to following solutions: (1) Log in to the online check-in and you can click "Reissue the mobile boarding pass", and the two-dimensional code boarding pass will be sent to you again. (2) Passengers can scan their ID card on Kiosk or input relevant information to print a paper boarding pass. (3) Passengers can explain the situations at airport counter to get the boarding pass again.
9.Can I get through the security check and boarding gate directly using the mobile boarding pass?
At present, all the domestic non-stop flights departure from Wuhan and Guangzhou (except for the flights from Guangzhou to Lhasa, from Guangzhou to Urumchi and infants, children and injured and disabled passengers who need special care) have launched the service in which passengers can get through the security check and boarding gate directly). Other air courses will be opened from now.
10.What should I pay attention to when my mobile boarding pass is scanned at the boarding gate?
Please turn on the backlight of your mobile phone for the two-dimensional barcode and it can only be scanned under this condition.
11.Can I deposit and check in my baggage first before boarding?
Yes, you can go to the baggage service counter to get through the checked baggage procedures, and then board with the mobile boarding pass directly.