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1. Seating arrangement of China Southern Airlines:

The first class seats start from Row 1, and the economy class seats start from Raw 31. For a wide-body plane, passengers with boarding passes marked with letters from A to E should take the seats in the left (facing the plane's nose), and those with boarding passes marked with letters from F to K should take the seats in the right (facing the plane's nose). All passengers should sit by number on their boarding passes. The seat number is indicated on the ledge of the overhead bin. We will arrange our crew at the boarding gate and in the passenger cabin for ushering.

In A380, first-class private boxes of domestic routes/international routes, economy class Row 31 to Raw 69 are in the main cabin; business class of domestic routes/international routes, economy class Row 70 to Row 79 of the international routes are in the upper deck. Please pay attention to the seat guidance at the boarding gate and get aboard through the boarding gate indicated in the sign.

2. Airsick passengers can do something for distraction, such as reading, chatting, listening to music and so on. In addition, space orientation is very important. Passengers should look at the cloud, mountains and rivers and so on at distance other than cloud nearby to get rid of the airsickness. In the seat pocket in front of you, there are sickness bags for you to vomit.

3. During a long flight, passengers may get swollen feet due to slow flood circulation in the vein of legs if they stay still in a certain position. Though rare, some people may get thrombus due to flood clotting of the lower body. Therefore, we suggest passengers do some stretch or massage regularly or walk around in the cabin. Please use some foot repair cream and put on aircraft-used socks or slippers to relax the feet. Flexible stockings can protect the eldly, the pregnant and passengers who have operations lately.

4. Keep your safe belt fastened when the plane takes off or lands. If you feel pressure to your ears, please swallow saliva or chew gum to relieve minor ache caused by pressure to the eardrum.

5. Please take good care of your valuables. In the first class and business class cabin, there are cloakrooms. Please take out your wallet and other valuables before the stewardess hangs up your coat and make sure your mobile phone is shut off.

6. Please take care of your child. Keep your child in sight all the time, so that you can take him/her to the seat and fasten the safe belt immediately in case of sudden aircraft bumpiness.

7. During a long flight, please do not sleep on the floor to avoid injuries from sudden bumpiness. Furthermore, there are more bacterias on the hard and cold floor, which may damage the skin, kidney and skeleton.

8. Please open the vents overhead by turning it right in case of stuffiness.

9. There are call buttons on the top of seat and overhead, or on the personnal control unit(PCU). Passengers can call the cabin crew by pressing the button for immediate service if needed. Over the seat or beside the seat there is a reading lamp for your convenience when we dim the cabin lights at take-off, landing or during night flight.

10. 2-3 meals are provided for long-range international fights. One meal or snacks are provided for middle or short-range international flights and domestic flights. The stewardess will announce the meal time in the broadcast after the plane is leveled off. If you have any special need, please contact with the stewardess. There are also free beverage, drinks, and refreshments during the flights. All dishware, except plastic cup, knife, fork or spoon, will be collected by the stewardesses after the meal for reuse after sanitization. We also provide late night snacks between two meals for long-range international flight, and passengers can enjoy them at any time. In first-class and business-class cabins there are self-service bars for provision of fresh fruit, chocolate, snacks and beverages.

11.We provide internationally renowned toiletries in washrooms of the first-class and business-class cabins and domestic famous toiletries in washrooms of the premium economy-class and economy-class cabins, which are for passenger use during flight only. Each washroom is equipped with a sink, a toilet flush button and a trash can, convenient for passenger use.

12. We provide the following services according to travel classes and routes: flippers for the first-class, business-class and premium economy-class cabins of long-range international routes as well as  first-class and business-lass cabins of domestic routes; pajamas for the first-class cabin of long-range international routes; internationally renowned washing bags for the first-class and business-class cabins of long-range international routes; and domestic famous washing bags for the premium economy-class and economy-class cabins of long-range international routes.

13. If you are taking a domestic stopover flight, please pay attention to the broadcast during stopovers. If you want to have a rest off plane, you should take your small valuables with you, take out and keep proper the necessary stuff from the seat pocket. Other stuff can be kept on the plane. If you want to wait on the plane, you should take good care of your valuables. The washrooms are available during stopovers.

14. If you are taking an international stopover flight, please take all your belongings with you when you get off the plane and accept customs check. Any articles left on the plane will be handled by customs officers.

15. Before arriving at the destination, the stewardess will broadcast the weather conditions of the destination. Please change your clothes accordingly.

16. If you are taking an international flight, make sure you have completed and signed the customs declaration and the entry card before landing, and hand them to customs officers and border personnel. Please contact with the stewardesses if you need help in filling out the above-mentioned forms.

17. Put the quilt, blanket, pillow and other articles on your seat before you get off the plane, so that we can collect them for sanitization before reuse by other passengers.

18. Make sure to take all your belongings with you when disembarking.