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Organ transfer is a race against time, and every donated human organ means continuation of a life. China Southern Airlines, China's first civil aviation company to open a "green passage" for transfer of donated human organs, will strictly perform its duties and realize fast customs clearance and priority over delivery of donated human organs, ensuring fast and safe transfer of donated human organs.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the green passage, staff of the organ procurement organizations are requested to understand the following matters before taking donated human organs into China Southern Airlines flights, and do the relevant preparations:

1. Call our customer service hotline 95539 at least 4 hours before flight departure to inform us of the type of the human organ, the size of the package, and any hazardous goods involved.

2. Prepare the master copy and two copies of the Organ Receipt Confirmation of Transplant Center and provide them for the China Southern Airlines check-in department and the airport security department on the day of departure, indicating the legal source, use, contact name and contact number of the transported organs.

3. Pack human organs with specially designed transport containers that meet the requirements, and mark "For Human Organ Transport” clearly on the container. If the container contains hazardous goods, it shall comply with the relevant requirements of air transportation.

4. The staff shall carry the container as a hand baggage and take care of it by himself/herself during transportation. If the package exceeds the maximum size for hand baggage (20cm*40cm*55cm), it should be transported as a cabin-seat baggage.

5. The special containers containing human organs shall be subject to civil aviation baggage security check. The container containing liquids necessary for the preservation of human organs, is not subject to the air transportation restrictions on liquids, but shall meet the safety requirements.

6. Air transportation is greatly affected by uncertain factors. In case of special circumstances, please contact us in time. For other details of transportation rules, please contact us at 95539.