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I. Definition

An infant passenger is a passenger who has not reached the age of two years old on the day of travel.

II. Transportation Requirements

1. Infant passengers who are under the age of two on the day of travel must be accompanied by an 18-year-old adult passenger or above with full capacity for civil conduct in the same class cabin.  

2. To ensure the safety of passengers, babies born less than 14 days are not allowed to take flights.

Tips: Proof of age should be provided for the purchase of an infant ticket, such as passports, birth certificates, etc.

III. Fare

Infants who have not reached the age of two years old on the day of travel are charged with the applicable fare for infants and shall not occupy a seat separately. For domestic flights, infant passengers are charged 10% of the infant fare applicable to the same class cabin as the ticket purchased by the accompanying adult; for international routes, China Southern Airlines has set up different infant fares, so please refer to the actual fare displayed at the time of ticket purchase. However, for every adult passenger, only one infant may enjoy such fare. For the infants above the quota, they shall be charged as per the corresponding child fare and can occupy one seat separately.

IV. Quota

In order to ensure flight safety, there are different carriage standards for the number of infant passengers on each route and aircraft, according to the safety regulations issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

To ensure a smooth journey for you and your baby, please notify the ticketing staff that your baby will be on-board when you are booking your flight. After confirming compliance with regulations regarding the maximum number of infants that may board your desired flight, we will issue tickets to you and your baby. This will avoid unexpected itinerary changes due to the over-limit of infants accepted by the carrier if you and your infant arrive at the airport without prior notice.

V. Free Baggage Allowance

1. An infant with a child ticket is entitled to the corresponding free baggage allowance.  

2. An infant without a seat is entitled to a free baggage allowance of 10 kg. When the free baggage amount is calculated by piece, a piece of baggage with a maximum weight not exceeding 10 kg (22 lbs) and a volume (sum of the three sides, L x W x H) not exceeding 115 cm (45 inches) can be checked in free of charge. In addition, a foldable baby carriage, bassinet, or a child safety seat may be brought free of charge.

3. A non-foldable baby carriage can only be transported free of charge as checked baggage, and a foldable baby carriage shall also be transported free of charge as checked baggage in case of insufficient designated storage space within the cabin.  


I. Applicable Routes

In the Economy Class and Premium Economy Class of flights operated by B777, B787, A330, A350, and A380 with a duration of more than 3 hours, China Southern Airlines provides Infant Bassinet (BSCT) Service for the infants who do not occupy seats.

II. When to Apply

If you wish to use this service, please apply to the ticket office affiliated with China Southern Airlines at the origin of the flight 24 hours prior to departure.

III. Applicable Passengers

Passengers who hold infant tickets and are at the age of one year old or below on the day of travel, with weight no more than 12 kg (25 lbs) and height no more than 70 cm.

IV. Quota

Since there is a limited number of bassinets provided for each aircraft, if you need to use this service, please request as soon as possible by logging in to China Southern Airlines' official website, calling China Southern Airlines Customer Service Center 95539, or visiting the local ticket office affiliated with China Southern Airlines.

V. Change and Refund

For passengers who have successfully reserved the infant bassinet service, flight/ date change or service cancellation shall be handled as per the ticket use rules; upon ticket change, if the service is still needed, please apply for it again according to the application procedure.

In case of flight abnormality, we will:

1) After obtaining passengers’ consent, help special passengers and their companions change to flights where special services are available, which is free of charge;

2) After obtaining passengers’ consent, perform involuntary refund for special passengers and their companions.

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