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First: product concept

1.1 Prepaid Baggage products: CSAIR has already provided passengers with above-the-quota prepaid Baggage services

1.2 Product sales period: starts when a product is open to sales and concludes 6 hours before the flight takes off.

1.3 Product expiration date: starts when a product is purchased and ends before the flight takes off.

Scope of application of the second product

2.1 Applicable passenger tickets: passengers need to purchase passenger tickets with definite seats.

2.2 Applicable flight: Flight number must start with CZ and the flight must be undertaken by CSAIR.

Third: product content and standard

3.1 Content of prepaid Baggage service: CSAIR charges prepaid excess Baggage premium and provides corresponding Baggage consignment services.

3.2 Standard for prepaid Baggage service: this services is applicable only to a single piece of Baggage less than 50KG and the LWH of the Baggage must be less than 40/60/100CM for domestic flight and a single piece of Baggage less than 23KG and the gross of three sides of the Baggage must be less than 158CM for International flight. Failure to meet the above requirements will deliver the baggage to cargo service for domestic flight. Passengers of International flight need to entail more costs at the Baggage counter.

Fourth: product price

4.1 tiered pricing is adopted for prepaid Baggage products involving different flights. Price specifics are subject to the CSAIR official website.

4.2 CSAIR reserves the right to adjust the prices without informing clients.

4.3 If you need invoice for prepaid Baggage products, please call 95539 and provide your address within 30 days after you take the flight. The invoiced will be delivered in a certain period of time.

Fifth: order going into effect

5.1 The definition of order going into effect: after the purchase, you can make the payment following relevant procedures. That is when the order takes effect.

5.2 After the order takes effect, refunding will be done according to stipulations of the 6th article if you fail to use the Baggage service.

Six: Stipulations of cancelling and rescheduling

6.1 Cancelling and rescheduling are not applicable for prepaid Baggage products. Prepaid Baggage service will be invalid when passengers voluntarily or involuntarily reschedule flight undertaken by other airliners.

6.2 In case a new ticket number is generated after rebooking, the pre-paid luggage is not available for the new ticket even when the flight number is not changed.

6.3 Prepaid Baggage products must be bought and cancelled completely. If passengers buy 2 prepaid Baggage , refunding must be done completely 1 rather than done according to pieces and weight.

6.4 Prepaid Baggage products must be used or cancelled completely for connecting flight tickets. If passengers buy 2 pieces of prepaid Baggage for connecting flights such as “WUH-CAN-SYD”, refunding should not be done for a single segment such as “WUH-CAN” or “CAN-SYD”.

6.5 After purchase, you can apply for refunding on the official website without incurring extra charges.

6.6 After the flight takes off, you can apply for refunding for unused prepaid Baggage products without paying extra fees.

Seven: you obligations

7.1 You should provide valid telephone number so as to receive text messages or phone calls from CSAIR.

7.2 Please show your purchase proof when you check in. You can also inform the staff that you have prepaid in full and that whether you want to use the service or not.

Eight: Obligations of CSAIR

8.1 CSAIR ensures that Baggage will be consigned in strict accordance with the order requirement.

8.2 CSAIR must inform you of the purchase, use and refund of prepaid Baggage products.

8.3 CSAIR is responsible for refunding if the airliner fails to deliver its products.

Ninth: force majeure

Both sides unable to deliver their obligations due to force majeure(earthquakes, typhoons, lightening strikes, floods, fire disasters, wars, government actions, hackings, regulations of telecom regulators) are not subject to default obligations, except those stipulated by the law.

Tenth: laws and regulations for settling disputes.

After the order takes effect, disputes arising from honoring the notice will be settled according to laws promulgated by the People’s Republic of China.