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1.What should I do to take my weapons with me?
In order to guarantee the personal and property safety of citizens, weapons and some knives are strictly controlled by laws in China. Consequently you are forbidden to take weapons with you when boarding the plane. Please contact us by dialing China Southern Airlines sales hotline 95539 if you have relevant questions.
2.Can I take a lighter or match to board?

No. Lighters and matches are inflammable, explosive and dangerous goods which cannot be carried and checked. 

3.Can I take edible oil to board?

You cannot take edible oil onboard as it is inflammable, explosive and dangerous. However, it can be checked in after packing. 

4.What items can not be carried or checked?

Firearms, military or police arms (including main components), flammable and explosive items, controlled knives, toxic chemicals, perishable materials, radioactive items, articles that cause jeopardize flight safety like strong magnetic items with interference to instruments of the aircraft or items with strong pungent odour, or other items forbidden state national laws and regulations.