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Specialty 1: One ticket - through check-in

1. International-domestic passengers who already have the boarding pass for the connecting flight and baggage tag can enjoy a hands-free baggage transfer. Please contact the transit staff after going through border entry procedures to clear and confirm your baggage.

2. If international-international passengers have a through ticket, once they arrive in Guangzhou, they can directly go to the corresponding transit flight boarding gate to board the plane.

Specialty 2: Connection time - quickness guaranteed

Minimum connection time (MCT): 60 mins. CSAIR provides a full guidance service, picking up passengers once they disembark a flight to passengers and guiding them quickly to their next flight.

Specialty 3: Transfer counter - comprehensive service

The transfer counter helps with the transfer procedure, and provides 24-hour inspection-free transit, flight information inquiry, transfer lodging registration as well as ticket change services for missed connections.

Specialty 4: First- and business-class transfers - VIP service

1. CSAIR's transiting first- and business-class passengers are provided with transit guidance services.

2. CSAIR's Sky Pearl Silver/Gold Members are provided with transfer counter priority services.

3. CSAIR's first- and business-class passengers and Sky Pearl Gold Members who are eligible for free lodging are provided with free one-night lodging services at 4-star or higher hotels.

Specialty 5: Baggage transfer, hands-free pickup service

CSAIR staff will help with baggage transfer for passengers who have received a boarding pass for their connecting flight and a baggage tag at their place of departure.

Specialty 6: Transiting/transferring - free lodging

CSAIR's transfer or codeshare flight passengers who are meet the following conditions are eligible for the corresponding free services.

Same-day transfer: If the connection time ≥ 8 hours, a free single room and free shuttle service between the airport and the hotel are provided.

Overnight transfer: If the connection time is 8 - 48 hours, a free private room for lodging, breakfast and free shuttle service between the airport and the hotel are provided.

Specialty 7: Flight delay guidance - quick ticket changes

Delayed passengers are provided special guidance and quick ticket change services.

Specialty 8: Transfer information - all-day services

We provide 24-hour transfer information inquiry services:
Hotline: (0086) 20 8612 4008