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1.What is coupon?
Coupon is a promo code consisted of 12 elements including numbers and alphabets with certain value and available period, issued by China Southern Airline. Entering promo code at the booking process allows you to get a discount off. One passenger can only use one promo code per segment. In order to get promo code, please pay more attention to the promotions in China Southern Airline’s website.
2.How can I get a discount coupon?
You can get discount coupon codes by participating in the activities from the website of China Southern Airlines. The CSA website will send you the particular activity by SMS (Short Message Service) or email or in other forms.
3.What are the rules in the use of coupons?
① A coupon cannot be used to withdraw cash, offset the excess amount for up-grade and rescheduling.

② A coupon can only be used to pay for a ticket, not for airport construction fee, fuel surcharges and other related taxes.

③ When a coupon is used for buying a ticket, the ticket price must be higher than the face value of the coupon.

④ Once voluntary refunds are made, the coupon used will become invalid automatically.

⑤ The China Southern Airlines reserves the final interpretation of the use of coupons.