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1.How can I apply for claims?

If you have purchased insurance product of Ping An, you can also fill in application for claims. (For Ping An product, please Click here to download the claim form of Ping An Insurance.doc (49.51 KB) ). After filling in the form, please call Ping An Insurance by dialing the number on the upper side of the application.

If you have purchased the Pacific Insurance product, you can log onto to apply for claims for flight delay. For any question, please call 95589; to apply for claims for accidental or handicapping cases, please report by dialing 95589; to apply for other claims, please call 400-6266-110.

If you have purchased an insurance product of PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited, please call PICC P&C customer service hotline 95518 to file a claim.

2.Can I cancel my E-travel insurance? How can I cancel it?

Yes, you can. If you refund the ticket, the premium will be refunded to you at the same time.

You can also refund the premium separately. For more details, please call 95539.

3.How can I get my insurance invoice?

Ping An Insurance combines the premium invoice with the E-ticket, and the amount of premium is shown in the column of “premium” in the E-ticket.

Currently, China Taiping and PICC do not print the premium on the E-ticket. You need to ask China Taiping or PICC customer service to post the insurance invoice separately.

China Taiping Customer Service Hotline: 95589

PICC Customer Service Hotline: 020-83183929

4.Where can I query about my policy?

With an innovative electronic sales model, the insurance plan makes possible paper-free purchases. Passengers can identify the authenticity of the insurance by accessing insurers’ official website or making a phone call.

Ping An Property Insurance Co., Ltd: Tel: 95511; Website:

Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd: Tel: 95589; Website:

PICC Property Insurance 95518; website

5.What is China Southern Airlines E-Travel Insurance?

China Southern Airlines E-Travel insurance is underwritten by China Ping An Property Insurance Co., Ltd., China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd. and PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited.

China Southern Airlines E-travel insurance is designed for passengers flying with China Southern Airlines flights. All passengers who book China Southern Airlines flights (and code-sharing flights) on and mobile client end and buy the unique travel insurance service.

6.What items are covered by E-travel insurance?

1. Accidental death and dismemberment

2. Passenger accidental injury medical costs

3. Flight delay (RMB300 for 3-hour delay, RMB 100 for additional one-hour delay, with the maximum at RMB 600)

4. Luggage delay (RMB500 for every 8 hours of delay)

5. Loss and damage of checked luggage

6. Carry-on possessions

7. Aircraft hijacking

7.How much premium will be charged for each insurance policy?


8.How to buy E-Travel Insurance?

You can buy E-travel insurance when booking tickets on or mobile APP.

9.Is there any age limit on passengers buying E-Travel Insurance?

Yes, the insured must be China Southern Airlines passengers aged from 14 days to 90 years.

10.Do I have to designate beneficiary of the death benefits?

When buying the insurance, if you do not designate a beneficiary of death benefits, the death benefits will be paid to your heirs, other insurance benefits except death benefits will be paid directly to you or the insured.

11.Will my E-Travel Insurance remain valid if I change my flight?

Whether you have changed China Southern Airlines flight on a voluntary or involuntary basis, your E-travel insurance will remain valid only if the actual carrier of your new flight continues to be China Southern Airlines. If the actual carrier of your new flight is not China Southern Airlines, E-travel insurance cannot be transferred to the new flight. You need to cancel the insurance separately by contacting China Southern Airlines Portal service number 40066-95539 and by following relevant rules. China Southern Airlines E-commerce counter does not provide insurance cancellation service.

12.How can I apply for claims for flight delay?

You need to submit Flight Delay proof issued by China Southern Airlines, including flight number, date, delayed time and cause of delay.

Or you can ask China Southern Airlines to mark your arrival time on your boarding time and give the seal on it.

For inquiries about claims, please call China Southern Airlines website service hotline 40066-95539.

13.What proof documents are needed when applying for claims for “losses of check-in luggage”?

You need to submit the following materials:

1. Proof documents issued by China Southern Airlines about luggage destruction, loss or damage and corresponding claims proof;

2. Fill in claims application and other proof documents and materials related to the claims and needed by Ping An Insurance.

14.What proof documents are needed to apply for claims for “luggage delay”?

You need to submit the proof of “luggage delay” issued by China Southern Airlines, including the flight number and date as well as length of luggage delay.

15.How can I apply for claims for carry-on possessions?

You need to submit the following materials:

1. List of lost possessions and original copy of invoice for items whose single-unit price exceeds 1000 RMB;

2. Original copy of invoice for re-submitting travel documents;

3. Reporting proof issued by the police in case of third-party theft or robbery;

4. The claims application and other proof or documents needed by Ping An Insurance and related with the claims.

16.How do I apply for claims for hijacking?

1. Original copy of written proof issued by local polices, carrier and relevant authority;

2. Fill in claims application and proof and other documents related to the claims needed by the company. 

17.How long does it take to process my claim?

After receiving your claims application, the insurance company will proceed it.

If you wish to clarify or follow up with any item, the claims representative of the insurance company will contact you within 10 days.