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1.Can I accumulate the mileage when purchasing tickets by using E-wallet?

Passengers who use E-wallet to purchase tickets can accumulate mileage according to existing rules of SkyPearl Club membership.

2.I have used E-wallet to purchase ticket. Can I receive cash refund when refunding the ticket?

No. The refund can only be made into the account used to purchase the ticket. 

3.Will the money in the E-wallet account expire?

There is no expiry of money in the E-wallet. You can use it at any time.

4.Is the balance amount in China Southern Airlines E-Wallet able to be withdrawn, returned or transferred to other accounts?

In no circumstances would the money recharged into China Southern Airlines E-wallet able to be withdrawn, refunded or transferred to other account. It can be used only to purchase tickets and products. In the case of refund, the money will be refunded directly to the paying E-wallet.

5.How to recharge E-Wallet?

Use SkyPearl card number to log onto China Southern Airlines website and select “My Purse” – “Recharge”. China Southern Airlines E-Wallet recharging is made via Union Pay’s ChinaPay gateway. See more details about supporting banks on recharging page.

6.How to open China Southern Airlines E-Wallet?
By using SkyPearl card number, log onto China Southern Airlines website and select “My Purse”, then “Open E-wallet”.
7.What advantages does China Southern Airlines E-Wallet have?

Registered China Southern Airlines E-Wallet users can purchase tickets, manage China Southern Airlines special-offer coupon and China Southern Airlines SkyPearl Club membership mileage on China Southern Airlines website.