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1.What are the boarding procedures?

Please refer to our web page “Boarding Procedures” under “Travel Guide” column.

2.What should I do to board on time?

Please prepare enough time for getting to the airport and checking in. Please pay attention to the airport broadcast.

Please notice that the cabin door will be closed before schedule time pursuant to the demand of on-time operations. To avoid missing your flight, please get to the boarding gate before the boarding time shown your boarding pass and advert the airport broadcast for further information of your flight. 

3.Are my baggage and free carry-on items required to pass security inspection along with me?

You and all your belongings must pass security inspection before boarding. 

4.Is there any compensation for me if I missed my flight due to personal reason?

If you fail to arrive at check in counter or boarding gate on time, or to show your valid ID card and transport documents, or to prepare for travel, China Southern Airlines may cancel your seat to avoid delay. China Southern Airlines will not take any liability for the loss arising to you. 

5.Which languages are provided at service counter?
Chinese and English.
6.Can I use koisk if I have baggage to check in?

You can use the kiosk to print boarding pass. If you have baggage to check in, please complete relevant procedures at the counter for checked baggage.

Note: How to use the kiosk

7.Do I need an E-ticket if I want to use koisk?

Yes, one of the advantages of E-ticket is to use the kiosk. The kiosk is applicable to all E-tickets bought from travel agencies or via other online channels.

Note: How to use the kiosk

8.Do I need to use credit card when using koisk at the airport?

It is unnecessary to use credit card. You can complete boarding procedures with your second-generation ID card, flight information or your itinerary/receipt.

Note: How to use the kiosk

9.Will I be charged when using koisk?

The kiosk at the airport is totally free. 

10.Can I take two infants boarding with me?

Yes. However, only one infant taken by each passenger can be subject to an infant ticket and a baggage allowance of 10kg. The additional infant is subject to a child ticket price, and it will obtain a seat and relevant baggage allowance. 

11.What shall I do when missing my ID card before boarding?

In accordance with the related regulations, you must go to the public security organ in the place where your registered permanent residence locates, and apply for a certificate for missing ID card which shall contain your name, age, residential address, valid date, etc., and be pasted with your recent bareheaded and stamped with the seal of the public security organ. The certificate of missing ID card should be issued by the public security organ in the place where your ID card was issued, and the certificate content should be the same as that mentioned above. Then, you should bring your household register or working permit, letter of introduction and other valid certificates which can certify your identity, and apply for temporary boarding certificate issued by the civil aviation public security organ (with offices available in all waiting halls). If you have not taken any of the above mentioned valid certificates when travelling, please ask the civil aviation public security organ for help.