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1.Refund policy of Air Passenger Departure Tax involves the departure of Hong Kong flights?

Passenger who does not depart by air from Hong Kong can apply full refund of Air Passenger Departure Tax without any charge.

2.Can I change the ticket booked online?

1. When the ticket is not issued, the passenger can cancel the original reservation record and reserve a new seat.

2. When the ticket has been confirmed, if the passenger demands change of flight, date or cabin class, passenger can apply for change on the ticket order management page. After receiving system info, the customer service staff will try the best to deal with the application based on ticket price conditions and availability of cabin seats. In accordance with conditions of ticket held by the passenger, if necessary, the passenger might need to pay fees for the applied change.

3.I have booked an online ticket. But how can I refund it?

1. After logging in, the member can enter ticket booking management, select the record of booking you intend to refund, then click “I Want to Refund”, check the booking info and click “Confirm Refunding” ;

2. In accordance with conditions of ticket held by the passenger, if necessary, the passenger might need to pay fees for the applied change.

3. The refund will be paid to the original payment account. The receipt time depends on the settlement period of the bank.

4.How can I refund the unused ticket I have booked on your website?
Log in the website, and enter "Booking record" , then choose the booking record that you want to refund, and click "refund", click "yes" to complete the refund after confirmation of the detailed booking information; cancellation charges will be deducted by China Southern Airlines E-commerce in accordance with related provisions and the refund will be transferred to the original payment account of passenger with the specific time of received payment decided by the settlement cycle of bank.
5.When will the ticket be valid, from the date of ticket issuance or from the date of flight departure?

Unless otherwise specified, the domestic passenger ticket is valid for one year.

OK passenger ticket is valid on the date since the passenger starts the journey; the open-date ticket or the ticket whose first segment is not used is valid within one year since the ticket is issued. The valid period of special-price ticket is calculated according to the relevant regulations of China Southern Airlines about such kind of special-price ticket.

6.Can passenger use the round-trip ticket in the sequence different from what is specified? (Use the second segment at first)

If the round-trip journeys are on the same ticket, the passenger must follow the original sequence as shown in the ticket. China Southern Airlines will not accept it if the passenger wishes to use the ticket not in sequence as shown in the ticket. However, China Southern Airlines can take the refund application if the unused segment is within the expiry date as shown in the ticket.

7.What should I do if the name in the ticket is not the same as that shown in my ID?

You need to refund and re-issue the ticket in the place where you purchase the ticket.

8.Can I change the ticket which I purchase from the agent?

The conditions of changing the ticket are limited by the cabin class.

Conditions of use of the ticket differ from different sales channels. We propose you contact the agent to manage the change.

9.I have a ticket of another carrier. Can I change it to a China Southern Airlines ticket?

You need to contact the original carrier for change.

10.Can I only change my flight online if other passengers are in the same flight with me?
You can apply for changing the flight of yourself, and you can only change the time, but not the flight segment.
11.How should I refund, change or endorse the ticket booked via 114?
Please call 4006695539 or call the customer service of 114.
12.Why I have not received the refund after applying for refund of the ticket booked via 114?
Your fare is collected by 114, and China Southern Airlines does not have your account information. In order to ensure the fare returns to your account safely, China Southern Airlines will return it to 114, then to passenger. If you still have questions, please contact with 114.
13.How should I refund, change or endorse the ticket booked via Harbin cable television?
Please call 4006695539, and passengers who need to pay for the charges, please go to the ticket office subordinated to China Southern Airlines for the moment.
14.Which kind of convenient services can be offered when passenger changes the flight segment of the Air Express Flight from Changsha and Wuhan to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai?
Change of the same flight route: passengers (excluding group passengers) with 55% discounted (including) and above China Southern Airlines tickets of "Guangzhou - Changsha", "Guangzhou - Wuhan", "Shenzhen - Changsha", "Shenzhen - Wuhan" can change to any of flights of the same flight route at the check-in counter of the airport free of charge on the travel day (subject to the boarding date on the ticket) if there are spare seats.

Change of different flight routes: passengers (excluding group passengers) with 40% discounted (including) and above China Southern Airlines tickets of "Guangzhou-Wuhan", "Shenzhen-Wuhan", "Zhuhai-Wuhan", "Guangzhou-Changsha", "Shenzhen-Changsha", "Zhuhai-Changsha" can interchange the departure airport or destination airport of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai free of charge if there are spare seats.
15.For mileage refund as the result of ticket refund, how to calculate the period of validity of mileage?

1. For voluntary refund, 50% of unused segment mileage should be deducted as the refund commission charge. Valid period of the refunded mileage is the same as the original valid period of the exchange mileage. Besides, only the valid mileage can be refunded.

2. For the refunded mileage of non-voluntary refund or change, another 36-month valid period will be given starting with the refund date.

16.Can infant ticket be refunded separately?

For now, the website does not support separate refunding of infant ticket. If you need to do so, please call 4006695539 for refund application.

17.Can infant ticket be changed separately?

The infant ticket must be changed together with the adult ticket to which it is bound with. The change application of infant ticket must not be made separately.

18.How to manage refund application made by passengers because of sickness?

1. If the domestic passenger intends to refund the ticket because of sickness, he/she should apply for refund and cancel the seat reservation within the regulated time before the flight departs. If the passenger fails to cancel the seat reservation, the rules about voluntary refund will apply.

2. If the passenger who purchases ticket on China Southern Airlines official website and intends to refund the ticket because of sickness, he/she should go to the ticket office directly operated by China Southern Airlines in the city. If office is unavailable, the passenger can call 95539 for application before the flight departs.

The passenger needs to provide copies of his/her own ID and medical statements (incl. medical certificate, register sheet and original medical records), proving that the passenger is unable to take flights in the period of the ticket. The medical statements must be valid and authentic and issued by county or above-county medical institution.

If the sick passenger is unable to provide the above materials, the rules about voluntary refund will be applied.

Please see the rules about sickness-caused refund by the domestic passengers

3. If international passengers intend to refund the ticket because of sickness, the rules about voluntary refund will be applied.