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Because oxygen and air pressure decrease in the upper atmosphere, transportation of pregnant women has been restricted to some extent.

1. Pregnant women whose pregnancy does not exceed 32 weeks (inclusive) can be transported as regular passengers except when the passenger has been advised by her doctor that she is not fit for air travel.

2.If you are pregnant for over 32 weeks, you are generally not accepted to board the plane. In case of special circumstances when you are pregnant for more than 32 weeks and less than 36 weeks, you have to file applications to the ticket sales department directly under CSAir before booking tickets and provide diagnosis proof that contains the items as follows:

- Name and age of passenger;
- Date of pregnancy;
- Flights and dates of travel;
- Whether or not they are fit for air travel;
- Whether or not special on-board care is required, etc.
* The aforementioned medical diagnostic certificate shall be issued within 72 hours prior to the flight departure and shall be sealed by a hospital not below the national level and signed by the doctor before validation.
3.Women with singleton pregnancy for 36 weeks and more or multiple pregnancy for 32 weeks and more are not accepted for carriage.

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