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1.What is the special-offer coupon?

The coupons are promotion credentials issued by China Southern Airlines that feature a face value and expiry date. You can use them to deduct the same amount as the face value indicates when buying tickets via the China Southern Airlines website or mobile app.

2.How to get the special-offer coupon?

You can get the coupons by participating in the activities on the China Southern Airlines website.

3.What are rules of using the coupon?

1)The coupons are only available for buying China Southern Airlines flight tickets via its website or app, and cannot be used for flights of other airlines, codeshare flights, and some special booking codes.

2)To use the coupons, the face value cannot exceed the specified ratio of the ticket price. For details, please refer to the message on the activity page.

3)The coupons can only be used to pay for flight tickets, not available for exchanging cash or paying for other charges such as airport construction fees, taxes, change fees, upgrade fees, etc.

4)One passenger can only use one domestic coupon for the same leg; one passenger can only use one international coupon for the same order. Each coupon can be used only once.

5)After unpaid orders are canceled, the coupons remain valid until the expiry date.

6)In case of ticket refunding, if a coupon has been used for a certain leg, the coupon amount should be deducted from that leg to calculate the refund amount.

7)A used coupon becomes invalid and cannot be reused after voluntary/involuntary change and refund.

8)Tickets paid with coupons can only be changed and refunded via the China Southern Airlines website or 95539 customer service.

4.What is a Promotion Code?

You can use that code to participate in promotions launched on China Southern Airlines portal and win gifts.

5.How to get a Promotion Code?

China Southern Airlines will send you the code of special offers in the form of SMS.

6.How to use a Promotion Code?

When purchasing ticket on, please tick “Want to Use Promotion Code” on flight-selection page and fill the promotion code in the box.

7.What is the reward?
You will have a chance of receiving a set of plane model after you use the code to pay our tickets.
8.When can I use the Promotion Code?
You can use the code in any ticket payment on our official website after May 20th. With limited number of prizes, first comes ,first served.