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1.What does an unaccompanied child mean?

An unaccompanied child means a child aged 5 (incl.) to 12 who travels without accompanied by his or her parents or person of 18 years of age or above.

2.Are unaccompanied children allowed to travel alone?

A child of 5 years of age or above can travel alone with prior application. We have professional flight attendants to help your children upon departure and arrival.  

3.What documents need to be provided when applying for the "unaccompanied children" service?

You need to have relevant ID certificates and household registrations to submit the application in your local business offices of China Southern Airlines.

4.How does China Southern Airlines assist my child during check-in?
We will appoint a special ground handling person to hand over your child to the appointed attendant.
5.What services does China Southern Airlines provide to my child to ensure comfort?

An unaccompanied child will be provided with special services by designated personnel during the flight.

6.What if my child is ill during the flight?

The cabin crew will take good care of your child and offer necessary help accordingly.

7.What if the flight which the unaccompanied child travelling is delayed or cancelled?

We will manage with normal handout and ask for your advice to change the ticket to the next or another suitable flight. 

8.Is there any charge for the unaccompanied children service??

An unaccompanied child should pay the normal child ticket for domestic flights (excl. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) or the regular adult ticket for international and regional flights.

If accompanist service offered by additional attendants is required, 50% of the regular adult ticket will be charged as extra service fee.