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1.What is baggage?

It refers to appropriate amount of personal properties and necessary items that are carried by passengers for wearing, using and personal comfortableness or convenience. Both checked baggage and unchecked baggage are included. 

2.What baggage should I carry during my trip?

Please note that the quantity and category of baggage should conform to our requirements. You are recommended to make a list of personal items at some time for the convenience of next travel. You can make different baggage lists for various travel types such as business trip, long-distance or short distance travels etc. 

3.Do you accept baggage check in on the day of the flight only?

Yes. We are sorry that the baggage can only be accepted on the day of your flight. But you can contact us if you require early check in. 

4.May I bring some valuables into the cabin?

Yes, but you must take good care of your stuff including cash, jewellery, valuables, gold, silver, notes, securities and documents etc. 

5.How to manage with my valuables?

We strongly recommend that valuables should be carried and taken good care of you in person instead of putting in checked baggage. In case of any damage and loss of the valuables in checked baggage, your valuables will be regarded and compensated as general checked baggage by China Southern Airlines. 

6.Can I bring medicines into a plane?
The medicines within the scope specified by national laws and regulations of China Southern Airlines can be brought by passengers.
7.What cannot be brought into an aircraft?

The following items are prohibited to be transported as baggage:

1. Dangerous goods, including 1) explosives; 2) gases i.e. inflammable gas, non-flammable and non-toxic gas, toxic gas; 3) inflammable liquid; 4) inflammable solids, spontaneously combustible substances and the substances releasing inflammable gas when wet; 5) oxidising agent and organic peroxide; 6) toxic substances and infectious substances; 7) radioactive substances; 8) corrosive substances; 9) magnetic substances;

2. Other dangerous goods prohibited to be transported by China Southern Airlines;

3. Substances causing anaesthetic, unpleasant and other similar actions;

4. Materials that may cause dirt or damages to the aircraft;

5. Guns, including artificial toy guns, gun-type lighters and other kinds of invasive arms, except the guns for sports;

6. Ordnance and Police Instruments;

7. Controlled knives;

8. Living animals, except the small animals and service dogs up to our specifications;

9. Other items forbidden to be carried or transported by state laws and regulations. 

8.What shall I know when taking a flight to the United States?
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) might open and check your baggage what they consider suspicious when you take a flight to the United States. You may use a special lock, which can only be opened by yourself and TSA employees, if you have to lock your baggage.
9.What is the baggage allowance for routes to the United States and Canada? Is it the same as that of other countries?

For passengers travelling on China Southern Airlines’ international or regional flights, or domestic flights connected with them, routes involving the United States, the maximum weight of each piece of checked baggage shall not be more than 45kg (90 pounds), and the total dimensions shall not exceed 158cm (62 inches); while on the routes not involving the United States, the weight of each piece of checked baggage shall not exceed 32kg (70 pounds), and the total dimensions shall not be more than 158cm (62 inches). 

10.How to mark the baggage?

For the safety of your baggage, China Southern Airlines will mark each of your baggage respectively. Currently, self-marking of a baggage is not supported. You need to check in your baggage at service counters and a unified baggage tag, which contains a bar code, passenger name, flight no. and other details, will be tied or pasted on your check baggage by our staff. 

11.What is the deadline for checking my baggage?
For the purpose of safety, all baggages will be weighed and inspected. Therefore, regardless of e-tickets or traditional tickets, all passengers must go through formalities to check in their baggages at the airport. The deadline for baggage check-in is the time before departure. However, you must confirm that you have sufficient time to board the plane.
12.Why is security check required before boarding?

To ensure personal and property safety of you and other passengers, all possessions must be checked according to Regulations on China Civil Aviation Security Screening. China Southern Airlines refuses to carry passengers or luggage that failed to pass the security check, and will be exempt from the possible liability arising from the loss. 

13.What should I do when finding out that my baggage is among the unclaimed lost baggage?
We are very sorry for your loss or wrong delivery of your baggage due to our mistakes. Temporarily, the service for publicizing the list of lost baggage is not available. You may dial 95539 for customer service for the situation.
14.May I view the status of my lost, wrongly delivered or delayed baggage on the Internet?
Your baggage status can be inquired in the Baggage Inquiry on the China Southern Airlines' portal website by entering of the inquiry number or baggage tag number, the passenger's phone number or ID number.
15.Will the transport of baggage be forbidden in a certain period of a year?
16.Is the logistics service available?
Yes, the specialized logistics company of China Southern Airlines will provide you with relevant service. You may contact the logistics company to collect and deliver your baggage in accordance with your requirements.
17.What are the preconditions of baggage non-stop check?
The baggage non-stop check is available at a departure airport that supports the service when you take a flight from home to abroad and you have bought a single ticket with both voyages displayed on it.
18.Which routes will be applied with weight-based rules for luggage?

The weight-based rules for luggage is applied to all domestic routes.

19.Which routes will be applied with piece-based rules for luggage?

The Piece-based rules is applicable to all possessions of international and regional routes.