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According to medical researches, air travel is inadvisable for people with the following diseases:

1. Infectious diseases. For instance, people with infectious hepatitis, active phthisis, typhoid fever and other infectious diseases shall not take a plane during the state-specified isolation period. For chickenpox patients, they are not allowed to fly before they are fully recovered.

2. Psychopath. For example, patients with epilepsy and other mental diseases who may suffer an acute attack during flight are not advised to take a plane.

3. Cardiovascular disease. As cardiovascular disease may recur or worsen due to the slight hypoxia in the sky, patients with cardiac insufficiency, myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction or severe hypertension are generally not advised to take a plane.

4. Cerebrovascular disease. Patients with cerebral embolism, cerebral hemorrhage, and brain tumor are prohibited to take a plane as the roar, turbulence and hypoxia when the plane takes off or lands may worsen the diseases.

5. Respiratory diseases. Patients with emphysema and cor pulmonale are not advised to take a plane due to maladjustment. If a patient suffers from pneumothorax or bullae, his/her disease may aggravate due to gas expansion during the flight.

6. Patients can not take a plane within ten days after having gastrointestinal surgery. And patients who suffer from gastrointestinal hemorrhage can not take a plane within three weeks after the bleeding stops.

7. Serious anemia. People whose HGB is less than 50g/L are not advised to take a plane.

8. Ear or nose diseases. Patients with acute exudative inflammation in ears and nose, or patients who had a middle ear surgery recently are not advised for air travel.

9. Women in their pregnancy. As the air pressure change during flights may cause premature delivery, pregnant women, especially those pregnant for more than 35 weeks are not advised for air travel.

With the progress in aviation technology, taking plane is a very safe and comfortable way for traveling. For the eldly, the pregnant or the patients with slight heart disease, hypertension, and asthma, air travel is even much safer and more comfortable than other ways of traveling. Air travel is especially suitable for the eldly, the week, the sick and the disabled because it is fast, stable, comfortable and fully equipped with health care facilities and services. However, passengers with special diseases should better inform the airline company in advance, so that relevant departments can take proper measures for more considerate services. For passenger safety, patients with serious heart disease, cerebral infarction, women in their pregnancy (pregnant for more than 8 months) are not advised for air travel. If needed, please contact with the airline company for protective measures.