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1.What type of passengers can use the service of Seat Reservation on China Southern Airlines Portal?

The service is available for adults and children who have purchased China Southern Airlines tickets. The service is not available for infants.

2.For what segments is the service of Seat Reservation available?

Seat Reservation service is now available for all segments departing from Chinese cities, and international segments departing from Chinese cities.

3.Is Seat Reservation service available for connecting flights?

Yes. The service is available for all segments in the connecting flights.

4.When can I reserve the seat?

You can reserve the seat after you purchase the ticket and before 02:00 p.m. one day before the expected departure time.

5.Can I change the reserved seat of mine in the Seat Reservation system?

Yes, you can. The passenger, who has reserved the seat in the Seat Reservation System, can log onto the system again and cancel the reserved seat to choose a new one.

6.How can I submit questions or proposals on China Southern Airlines Seat Reservation service?

You can call China Southern Airlines portal service number 4006695539.