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For passengers over the age of 65 who require special equipment in order to board due to limited mobility, or require certain special services, please make requests at the time of seat reservation to the ticket office affiliated with China Southern Airlines or to the Customer Service Center at 4006695539.

At present, China Southern provides the following services for elderly passengers:

1) For the elderly passengers who need special care and nursing on flights but are able to move without wheelchairs or stretchers, they will be carried upon the consent of China Southern Airlines in accordance with the transportation procedures applicable to unaccompanied minors. As the number of unaccompanied minors on each flight is limited, please contact us as soon as possible to apply for the service.

2) For the elderly passengers who need to be transported by wheelchair (WCHS or WCHC) or stretcher, they will be carried in accordance with the company's transportation policy and procedures applicable to sick and disabled passengers, on the premise of compliance with relevant restrictions. For questions and application, please contact our Customer Service Center.

3) For the elderly passengers who need ground drop-off and pick-up, and the wheelchair service that starts and finishes at the boarding gate, and do not need special care and nursing in the cabin, their number is not limited for carriage on each flight.

How to handle flight abnormality

In case of flight abnormality, we will:

1) After obtaining passengers’ consent, help special passengers and their companions change to flights where special services are available, which is free of charge;

2) After obtaining passengers’ consent, perform involuntary refund for special passengers and their companions.


1. The elderly should be assisted by their companions to check in and persons shall be arranged for pick-up and care at the place of arrival.

2. To apply for unaccompanied elderly service, the elderly or their companions shall provide the information of the pick-up persons they’ve arranged at the place of arrival to China Southern Airlines. Such pick-up persons shall call China Southern Airlines as well for verification, and then the elderly will be allowed for carriage.

3.  Passengers should go through the relevant procedures on the day of flight 120 minutes before the flight departure time.

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