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1.Is online payment safe?

Rational and correct online payment can effectively avoid risks;

1. Please read carefully terms and conditions of online banking and operate by following instructions.

2. Please do not use online banking in public Internet facilities such as Internet bar.

3. Please use U-Key etc. to make online payment.

4. Please don’t disclose your card No., password and other info to any third party.

Attention, China Southern Airlines official website is

And China Southern Airlines website service numbers are 4006695539 (domestic): +86-4008695539 and +86-20-22395539 (international).

2.Why should online payment control be installed for the first-time payment?

The online payment control is installed to ensure the online payment is made in a safer environment.

3.How to install online payment control?

You can visit the website of card-issuing bank via the link provided in our website; and download and install online payment control by following instructions of the card-issuing bank.

4.What procedures does online payment generally require?

1. Make sure the credit card for payment has opened service of online payment.

2. Make sure the credit card for payment has sufficient payment limit.

3. Make sure the Internet-surfing environment is safe enough.

4. Make sure relevant controls have been downloaded.

5. You have carefully read relevant instructions about online payment.

6. Read relevant terms and conditions of the credit-issuing bank about online payment.

7. Operate by following instructions on the page.

5.What should I do if something happens in the payment process that I do not understand?

1. You can query via China Southern Airlines online customer service.

2. Contact and query the card-issuing bank.

3. Call China Southern Airlines website service number: 4006695539 (domestic); +86-4008695539 and +86-20-22395539 (international).

6.Why should I finalize payment within 30 minutes, otherwise the system will cancel seat automatically?

To ensure other passengers can book tickets on a timely basis, the system will automatically cancel the orders that fail to finalize payment within 30 minutes. You need to book again if you want to continue the purchase...

7.I have online banking service. But why am I still unable to make the payment?

Please make sure you have installed the payment control of your card-issuing bank. If not, please download it from the card-issuing bank website.

Some cards need U-Key to make payment. It is possible to make payment only after making sure the payment limit is larger than the ticket price.

If payment is still unsuccessful, please contact your card-issuing bank.

8.Can I cancel my transaction after payment?

Because the payment might be deducted from the card at any time after it is approved by the card-issuing institution, you cannot cancel the transaction.

We will arrange the refund if it is allowed (based on conditions of ticket use). However, you might need to pay for some commission fees and refund fees.

9.What should I pay attention to in the last stage of payment?

In the last stage of payment, please don’t click Return, Submit, Update or close the window just in case double deductions happen to your account, or you fail to finalize ticket booking after the payment.

10.What if the ticket is not booked successfully but the deduction is made?

This might happen because of the system problem. If it happens, please call China Southern Airlines website service number 4006695539(domestic); +86-20-22395539 (international) (7×24 hours service). We will help you solve the problem. Please don’t purchase tickets for repeated operations to avoid repeated deductions from your account.

11.What if I close the bank payment page without intending to do so? (or the power failure or Internet failure happens when I am making the payment)

Please check whether the deduction is made from the online banking account. If the deduction happens but the ticket is not issued, please call China Southern Airlines website service number 4006695539(domestic); +86-20-22395539 (international) (7×24 hours service).

12.What if I make double payments without intending to do so?

It is possible that, because of untimely Internet transmission, payments are made for two times but only one ticket is issued. In case of the repeated payment in the same order, please call China Southern Airlines website service number 4006695539(domestic); +86-20-22395539 (international) (7×24 hours service).

13.How does China Southern Airlines return the ticket payment to me?

China Southern Airlines will return the payment into the account of the paying card.

14.Why the payment is not returned to my credit card after the ticket refund?

1. Please make sure your ticket is refundable and refund approval has been given.

2. After the refund application is made, we will review the application within one working day. And refund application will be submitted to the bank within three working days after it is approved.

The receipt time depends on the settlement period of the card-issuing bank.

Please contact the card-issuing bank if you have not received the payment.

15.What is the difference between direct click on bank payment gateway and the third-party payment gateway?

For passengers, there is no difference in the two means of payment.

Please make sure you have the membership if you are using the third-party payment account.

16.What is the difference in the various means of payment provided on the website? Do they cost the same?

According to the needs of different passengers, we provide a few payment banks and gateways. Passengers just need to pay the ticket price online.

These payment banks and gateways collect the same fees without extra fee collection. Please contact China Southern Airlines customer service if extra fees are collected from you.

17.How can I know whether my bank card can pay for my ticket?

1. Please contact you card-issuing bank to make sure the bank has opened the online banking service

2. You have installed the payment control of the card-issuing bank. Some bank cards need U-Key to make the payment.

3. It is necessary to make the payment before making sure the payment limit is larger than the ticket price.

18.Can I use the credit card to make the payment?

Yes. When choosing Visa, MASTER or other international credit cards to make the payment, please make sure your bank card has registered the online payment 3D authentication service. The 3D authentication service, through personalized info review, ensures safety of online shopping without collecting extra fee collection. We propose you contact your card-issuing bank to open the service.

19.Can I make payment by using credit card issued overseas?


1. Bank card with VISA/MASTER/AMEX/DINERS mark on it can finalize online payment.

2. For now, China Southern Airlines portal service number 4006695539 supports phone payment service by overseas credit card. At present, it supports the credit cards of VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS and JCB.

20.Why is it necessary to verify the card when buying international passenger ticket?

1.Passengers can purchase ticket on China Southern Airlines website by holding international credit card which is not issued domestically, such as VISA or MASTER. For the safety of your card, we may inform you to verify your payment card and indentity. If our Customer Service Agent has informed you to verify your payment card and identity via call or email, please cooperate. Otherwise, you will be rejected for boarding.

2. When buying international passenger ticket with UnionPay card, passengers don’t have to have the card verified.

21.How can passengers purchase China’s domestic passenger ticket overseas?

1. By holding VISA, MASTER or DINERS international card issued overseas, passengers can purchase tickets by logging into China Southern Airlines international website.

2. If passengers hold domestically-issued bank cards, they can purchase domestic passenger card on China Southern Airlines official website.

22.How do telephone payments operate?

If your bank card does not support online payment. You can dial 4006695539 to use telephone payment. At present, the telephone payment supports credit-card payment and payment by UnionPay debit-card.

23.What is One-Key Payment?

One-Key payment is a mean of fast payment. After a Unionpay credit card is successfully linked up, when purchasing tickets, the passenger just needs to enter a text message verification code, and click "Pay" to purchase the tickets.

24.Why choose One-Key Payment?
1) One-Key Payment is safer:

When a card is associated with a Pearl account, the system cross-checks the user's membership information and the cardholder identification information to ensure that the credit card can only be linked to the user's Pearl account;

2) One-Key Payment is more convenient:

With an associated card, the payment is made as soon as the user clicks "Confirm payment"; and the user does not need to enter any additional verification information.

Once a card is associated with an account on the official website (desktop or mobile phone app versions), One-Key Payment can be used whenever the user is logged in on the site.

3) Save more with One-Key Payment:

China Southern Airlines and UnionPay will be offering more promotions and discounts in the future.
25.One-Key Payment FAQ:
Which bank cards can be used?

Any credit cards that have the UnionPay logo can be used.

How do I associate a card with my account?

Enter the complete and correct credit card information;

Enter the cell phone number registered with the bank and associated with this card;

Enter the verification code sent to your cell phone;

Ensure the credit card is valid.

Why has the card not been associated with my account, even though I entered the correct card information and cell phone verification code?

This may be because the cell phone number you entered is not the number registered with the bank and associated with this card.

How many credit cards can be linked to an account?

There are no limits, which means multiple credit cards can be associated with an individual account.

What if the associated credit card expires or the card information is changed?

Remove the credit card from the account and enter the updated card information.

When will the One-Key Payment function be displayed on the site?

Log in to the official website and make sure your personal information is complete and correct. The One-Key Payment function will be displayed by default when you purchase tickets for yourself.

Why is the One-Key Payment function not displayed even though the card has been associated with an account?

Possible reasons:

The passenger specified on the ticket is not the account holder

The member ID card number has not been provided in the passenger's personal identification information.

The member's identification information is not complete or is not the same as the passenger's information.

The ticket was not purchased through the official website of China Southern Airlines (Chinese).

Why has the payment failed even though the associated credit card has been selected for One-Key Payment?

Possible reasons:

The associated credit card has expired.

The credit limit on the associated credit card has been reached or the card has been frozen.