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1.How to purchase international tickets?

After the corporate users log into China Southern Airlines overseas website or SME Users Zone, they select the overseas cities. Then the overseas website will be opened. They just need to type in the contractual user account on the page of payment gateway.

2.Can employees of a corporate user accumulate mileage in their personal SkyPearl Club membership account?

The employees can accumulate mileage into their personal account of SkyPearl Club membership.

3.How to change or refund tickets?

When changing or refunding tickets, corporate users can handle it in Order Management in China Southern Airlines website, or dial 4006695539.

4.How to calculate the return incentives?

When calculating the return incentives, China Southern Airlines only calculates sum of actual tickets of employees in the employee list (excluding airport construction fees, bunker adjustment factor and other fees collected on behalf of others), while only considering the date of actual flight.

5.What is the early-warning function?

The system will give early warning if the sum of tickets for non-employees exceeds 30% of total sum of ticket purchase, reminding not to issue return incentives to the enterprise; if the sum of tickets for non-employees exceeds 60% of total sum of ticket purchase, the system will automatically shut down the ticket-purchase authority of total ticket purchase.

6.How do corporate users operate return incentives?

After corporate users sign return incentive agreement with China Southern Airlines, China Southern Airlines will calculate the ticket purchase amount of corporate users after the settlement period. If the ticket-purchase amount reaches the required standard for return incentives, China Southern Airlines will issue the return incentives to corporate users after the corporate users provide valid invoice with amount of incentives.

7.Is there any discount for corporate users’ ticket purchasing?

When purchasing tickets on China Southern Airlines Portal Corporate Users Zone, corporate users can enjoy 5% direct discount for Class-V and above cabins (the discount might change according to short-term sales of flights; for details, please consult the system). Corporate users, which have signed Return Incentive Agreement, can receive the incentives after the annual ticket sales reach designated amount.

8.Is there any restriction against the corporate user’s employee list?

The enterprise needs to, within 15 days after the registration approval, finalize typing in of its employee list. Within this period, there is no restriction against the editing of employee list. After the approval is given for 15 days, the newly-added employee in the list needs to become valid when the operations have been finished for 30 days. Besides, total number of added, deleted or modified employees in the list in one year should not exceed 15% of the total employees in the enterprise.

9.What is the usage of corporate user’s employee list?

Calculation of returned incentives is based on the employee list. Besides, those in the employee list can be typed into the Passenger Information quickly.

10.How do corporate users purchase tickets?

After the registration or review is passed, the corporate user can log onto China Southern Airlines corporate user zone to select flight, consult flight information and pay for the tickets after typing in the passenger’s information.

11.How do China Southern Airlines corporate users register and what qualifications are needed?

All companies and their branches, government bodies, enterprises, institutions and partnership organizations legitimately registered and incorporated in the territory of China, and other organizations and bodies operating legitimately and having received business/practice permits in the territory of China can submit applications. Travel agencies, ticket agencies and other practitioners engaging in ticket agency service should not apply for the status of corporate users for themselves or in the capacity of others.

They just need to register in the Corporate Users Zone on China Southern Airlines portal; the registration link: