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1.I have enabled face recognition, but why isn't face scan required when I redeem a flight ticket or perform other operations?

Verification is not required within 30 minutes after you log in or verify your password.

2.Can I still use password verification after enabling facial recognition?

If facial recognition fails, a pop-up will appear automatically for you to enter the password.

3.Can I update my registered face?

Sorry, we do not support updating your registered face currently.

4.Why is my facial recognition failed?

Possible reasons include:
1)The current ambient light is low;
2)The face is blocked;
3)Camera access is not allowed on the current device;
4)are evident changes between the current face and your ID card photo.

5.Why can't I enable facial recognition?

Possible reasons include:
1)There are evident changes between the current face and your ID card photo, which causes match failure;
2)The face scanned is not the face of the member;
3)The user has not completed real-name authentication, or the authentication data does not include mainland China ID card information;
4)Camera access is not allowed on the current device.

6.Why can't I see the facial recognition switch?

Possible reasons include:
1)The user has not logged in;
2)The network connection is poor.

7.About facial recognition

Facial recognition is a smart service available in the China Southern Airlines app. With facial recognition, users can complete online real-name authentication and password verification in an easy, secure, and efficient way.

Entry I:In the China Southern Airlines app, go to Me > Facial Recognition
Entry II :During the online real-name authentication process in the app, select Face Authentication.