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1.What can I do in the trips page after I have bought a China Southern Airlines flight ticket?

In the upcoming trips tab, you can book pickup/drop-off and hotel services; in the details page of the upcoming trips tab, you can select seats, check in, book meals, as well as purchase extra baggage allowance or in-flight Wi-Fi (if available).

2.When will the flight trips go to the history trips page?

When you book a flight flown by China Southern Airlines through the official channel, your flight will show in the list of trips. After you actually take the flight, it will then show in the history trips page.

3.Can I change/refund a ticket when the flight is delayed?

When a flight is delayed, an entry of flight delay/cancellation will be automatically added to the details page of the flight ticket tab so that you can make any adjustments immediately.

4.How earlier can history trips trace to?

Only trips in the past year will be shown here.

5.How can I add trips manually?

Go to the trips page, tap "+" in the lower right corner, enter your certificate number or flight ticket number, and then tap the "Add" button.
You are recommended to add a trip by entering the flight ticket number so that the system can respond faster.
Please note that you can only add trips for yourself.

6. I have bought a China Southern Airlines ticket, but why doesn't it show in the trips page?

Please confirm if the ticket has been successfully issued and if the electronic ticket number of the flight is available.
Please confirm if the logged in account belongs to the flight passenger. To prevent the disclosure of personal information, the trips page only shows information of the member himself/herself.
Please confirm if the member account includes certificate information, such as ID card and passport. You can only find trips related to your ID card.
If none of the above can solve the issue, please tap "+" in the lower right corner and enter your ticket number or ID card number to add the trip.

7.Why can't I find my trip?

The upcoming trips page only shows the trips that you have not started yet, including information of flight tickets, hotels, pickup/drop-off, tourist attraction tickets, etc. Please confirm if you have bought such products from China Southern Airlines.