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Payment Terms:

All products bought during a flight are to be paid in flight only. To facilitate your shopping, we accept a variety of major currencies and credit card payment. Each credit card can be used once only in each purchase and the expenditure limit of each person is from $ 15 to 400 in total.

1. Cash currencies acceptable to pay for duty-free goods:

U.S. dollar, euro, Korean won, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Renminbi, Swiss franc and Singapore dollar.

2. All products sold in flight are marked in CNY. To know about the exchange rate of other currencies, please consult a flight steward.

3. Acceptable credit cards: MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club International and VISA.


After-Sales Service:
In case of deficiencies or other quality problems with the products you bought on the flight, we provide you with replacement service. For any quality problem, you may, with your voucher of purchase, replace your products for another one of the same kind within 30 days since your purchase, but requests for refunding goods will not be accepted. All the requests for replacing goods require a complete set of packaging, accessories, gifts, manual, warranty, shopping vouchers, etc..

We do not accept products damaged by abuse, misuse, accident or modification. tobacco, alcohol, food, cosmetics and other products that directly related to human health, once opened or used, can not be replaced.

After-sales hotline: +86 13826042346
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