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Flights to Venice

Wonder on the water

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Book Flights to Venice

Venice is full of unforgettable experiences. Picture yourself sailing past the Bridge of Sighs, eating gelato and enjoying evening gondola rides under the glow of fairy light-adorned balconies. That’s just the beginning – rich history, look-again architecture and delicious food make Venice the perfect city break.

Fly to Venice with British Airways and experience this unique destination in all its glory. Start with a journey down the Grand Canal to get a feel for the city, admiring the ornate buildings and pretty bridges. Venice’s famous centre is next, with St Mark’s Square playing host to St Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace, two iconic Venetian buildings. While admiring the Gothic carvings that shape these buildings, and others throughout the city, keep an eye out for the art galleries and churches that show off centuries of local artists’ work. Venice’s chefs are also excellent at demonstrating their talents. It should come as no surprise that, alongside traditional Italian fare, seafood dishes are very popular here. Try them for yourself – book a flight to Venice today.

Venice flight FAQs

How long is a flight to Venice?

We have regular flights to Venice departing from London with a flight time of approximately two hours and 10 minutes.

Which airports does British Airways fly to the Venice from?

You can fly to Venice with British Airways from London Heathrow and London Gatwick.

What’s the cheapest month to fly to Venice?

Prices are generally more expensive to fly to Venice in the summer and during February, when Venice Carnival takes place.

When’s the best time to visit Venice?

Spring and autumn are excellent seasons to visit Venice. Temperatures are cooler and the streets are quieter. The city swelters in the summer months and can experience flooding in the winter during the phenomenon known as “high water”. If, however, you don’t mind the heat or you’re happy to pack your wellies, you’ll still have a great time exploring the neighbourhoods and canals during these times.

Is Venice cheap to visit?

Lots of the city’s attractions are free to visit, including the much-photographed St Mark’s Square with its gilded basilica, which doesn’t charge for entry. Just make sure to head over early in the day as there’s usually a long wait to get in. Helpfully, Venice’s winding alleyways are easy to explore on foot, or you can book on to a free walking tour to pick up a few historical facts along the way. Staying hydrated in the heat is cheap too, as there are plenty of water fountains scattered around the city. Take water bottles to fill up throughout the day rather than buying them.

Is it easy to get around Venice?

You can reach Venice by a variety of transport options, but most will involve a boat, whether that’s a water taxi or a public ferry. You can take a water taxi all the way from Venice’s Marco Polo Airport to your hotel or hop on a bus to get closer to the city – most forms of transport will drop you at Piazzale Roma. From here you can continue your journey via the water, or by walking.

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Why visit Venice?

There are lots of standout destinations in Italy, but Venice’s unique landscape has cemented its reputation as one of the country’s most iconic cities. Its long history has seen the creation of foodie favourites like tiramisu, and the region inspired the poet Lord Byron to create some of his most famous works. It’s a must-visit destination, whether you're enjoying a hearty bowl of pasta, shopping for a Venetian mask or attending the Venice Film Festival.

Why fly British Airways to Venice?

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Venice Travel Essentials

Время вылета рейса

2 hr 10 mins

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Визовые требования

If you travel to Italy with a valid British passport and stay for less than 90 days, a visa is not required. For more visa information, visit the IATA Travel Centre.

Розовый багаж на белом фоне.

Основная информация о багаже

Каждый пассажир эконом-класса (Euro Traveller), купивший билет с включенным багажом, может зарегистрировать одно место багажа весом до 23 кг. Пассажиры бизнес-класса (Club Europe) могут зарегистрировать два места багажа весом 32 кг. Семьи, путешествующие с детьми в любом из этих салонов, также могут зарегистрировать одну складную коляску и одно автокресло.

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