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Нью-Йорк — город будущего, город, где рождаются тренды, которые потом охватывают весь мир. Это касается искусства и моды, музыки и еды — словом, всего. Выбирайте один из наших рейсов в Нью-Йорк и приезжайте в этот легендарный город.

Когда оказываешься на Манхэттене впервые, он просто ошеломляет: здесь столько всего интересного. Конечно, есть обязательная программа: Таймс-сквер, Центральный парк... Но это еще не все! Настоятельно рекомендуем заглянуть в Гринвич-Виллидж и Трайбеку, бутики квартала Митпэкинг и на блошиные рынки Челси, в джазовые клубы и забегаловки Гарлема. Творческую интеллигенцию, музыкантов и гурманов можно встретить не только на Манхэттене. Отличных заведений немало в Бруклине — взять, к примеру, модные временные бары Вильямсбурга. Чтобы вновь почувствовать себя ребенком, сходите в парк аттракционов на Кони-Айленд и перекусите в одном из уличных кафе, и не забудьте про стадион Yankee Stadium и Бронксский зоопарк (не зря ведь у них миллионы посетителей ежемесячно). Одним словом, Нью-Йорк — это не только стандартные туристические достопримечательности, но и масса других интересных мест и мероприятий.

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What’s on in New York this Spring.

What’s on in New York this Spring

Spring in New York is a wonderful time – the promise of warmer months ahead brings out the best in everyone. Wear green for St Patrick’s Day or don your cap and mitt for the start of the baseball season.


Лучшие бары на крышах Нью-Йорка

A trip to New York isn't complete without a visit to one of its rooftop bars. Whether you're in it for the killer cocktails or just want to drink in the city views, the experts at BarChick have the inside track on the best places for both.


Eight beaches near New York City

The Big Apple is known for its sizzling summers. Luckily for locals and visitors alike, there are plenty of sandy shores within close quarters in all of the city’s five boroughs.


Places — eat around the world ( in New York )

Everybody knows you can get any type of food in New York. From bagels and brunch to pizza and soul food, these are among the best places to go in NYC. Spread throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, don’t miss out on these culinary pleasures.

Absolute Bagels

Best for: Deep-filled bagels.

Voted the best bagels in New York by Time Out, we tend to agree. These chewy, delicious, hand-rolled boiled delicacies come with a great selection of schmears (creamy cheese spreads). Our recommendation is the scallion schmear with lox (smoked salmon) and cucumber, a true New Yorker’s bagel. Journey up to the Upper West Side on Broadway to sample these bagels, close to Columbia University. A student-staple, you will not be disappointed. As there is no seating inside, maybe sit in the nearby Riverside Park for a mini-picnic.

Burger Joint

Best for: Burgers, obviously.

Supposedly secret – but often with queues – this quirky, 70s-inspired hole in the wall is inside the exclusive Le Parker Meridien. Behind a red curtain, down a corridor with a lively neon-burger, diners sit in a small room strewn with graffiti eating some of the best burgers in Manhattan. Juicy, char-grilled beef patties with a liberal amount of cheese, salad, and pickles all in a grilled bun. Crispy fries and thick milkshakes complete the experience. This is a cash-only joint, in keeping with the grungy theme, so visit a cash point before you arrive.

Friend of a Farmer

Best for: Weekend brunch.

Brunch in New York can be the most important meal of the weekend. With that in mind, head over to local favourite Friend of a Farmer in Gramercy Park for a superb hangover cure. Choose from farm-fresh, home-made dishes that will remind you of your grandmother’s cooking. From superb omelettes with spinach and mushrooms to crab eggs benedict, you will find something you want. The griddle specialities are especially appealing, as are the Bloody Marys. A small warning – get there early as it gets busy, which is always a good sign.


Best for: New York’s original pizza.

Known as the first pizzeria in the US, Lombardi’s first opened its doors in 1905. Gennaro Lombardi, a Neapolitan immigrant, reinvented a humble staple dish into the massive worldwide phenomenon it is today. Smoky-based dough baked in a stone-baked oven, with his famous tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella await the eager diner. Signature toppings include Italian meatballs and pepperoni – a traditional treat. In the family since 1897, you know you are going to be well looked after when you walk through the doors.

The Meatball Shop

Best for: Meatballs, New York style.

Opened in 2010, this Lower East Side favourite was an instant success. A mix and match menu of different meatballs and sides, lathered on bread or atop fresh pasta – this is great idea. All served in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, these are some of the best meatballs you will ever taste. Like the ‘classic beef’ meatball with ‘classic tomato' sauce on spaghetti. The chicken pesto on a baguette is a big favourite. There are so many different ways to try them, including great veggie options, you will want to return time and again.

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