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Flights to Muscat

Expect traditional charm and a warm welcome

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Offering eye-catching views over the mountains and ocean, Muscat is full of old forts, engaging museums and flower-filled parks. Oman’s capital is known for its rich heritage and welcoming people, but it’s also the perfect destination for a sandy beach holiday or a trip to explore the desert and mountains. Plus, with traditional architecture everywhere, you’ll find impressive - domes and arabesque windows throughout the city.

Fly to Muscat with British Airways and spot turtles swimming in the nearby lagoons. Once you’ve had your fill of sun, sea and sand, head into the city to explore Muscat’s impressive historical sites. From the Grand Mosque, which showcases the glory of Islamic architecture, to the Sultan’s Palace with its delightful mushroom pillars and Bait Al Zubair’s exhibition on Omani heritage, there’s plenty to see. Then head to Mutrah, the city’s main port, to explore the fish market, the Gold Souq and the Fort, which dates back to the 1580s. Book your holiday to Muscat now to enjoy an authentic taste of the Middle East.

Muscat flight FAQs

How long is a flight to Muscat?

You can fly from London to Muscat International Airport via Doha with our oneworld® partner, Qatar Airways, in under 10 hours.

What’s the cheapest month to fly to Muscat?

Autumn through to early spring is the most popular time to visit Muscat, so book flights mid-spring to summer if you want to pay less for your flights but enjoy beach weather and rose-blooming season.

Is Muscat cheap to visit?

With a little forward planning, you can make your trip to Muscat fit any budget. Eating at local cafes, small family-run restaurants and souks will save you money. If you visit during the autumn through to early spring, you can enjoy spending time outdoors exploring the limestone peaks of the Hajar Mountains and the cliff-top villages in Jebel Akhdar. There are lots of affordable options in the city too – admission to the Al Alam Palace is free, and the Royal Opera House is worth walking past to marvel at its impressive architecture.

Is it easy to get around Muscat?

Once you touch down in Muscat International Airport there are plenty of ways to get to the city centre. Catch a bus down the Sultan Qaboos Highway or hop in a taxi at the airport. Alternatively, you can explore the coastal city of Seeb, where the airport is located, and visit the Amouage Perfumery before heading downtown.

Why visit Muscat?

Oman’s capital offers an authentic taste of life in the Arabian Peninsula. This historic port town’s whitewashed, low-rise buildings are protected by law, and wandering through the Mutrah Souq while enjoying sweet cardamom tea is a very enjoyable experience. Take a moment to marvel at the Masjid Al Rasool Al Adham mosque, with its distinctive blue dome and minaret. If you want to venture out of the city, Oman is abundant with natural beauty, with rugged mountains, wind-blown deserts and immaculate coastlines waiting to be explored.

Muscat Travel Essentials

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