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A warm welcome to Harrier, an innovation from British Airways. This page is dedicated to those who are taking part in our trial. From here additional information can be found, however, detailed  information for you will be available through your welcome email and via your selected chat app.


Get going with the BA Harrier tracker

É fácil começar o teste. As instruções pessoais detalhadas necessárias ser-lhe-ão enviadas harrier@ba.com. Se tiver um dispositivo e ainda não recebeu estas informações, verifique a caixa de spam e do lixo.

Charging - Ensure that your tracker is charged. You have a USB cable included with your tracker. When the tracker is plugged in the LED on the device will illuminate red. This will turn to green once the tracker is fully charged.

Updates - Occasionally we will update the tracker, this happens automatically when the device is plugged in - the tracker's LED will change to white whilst an update is in progress.

Flying - Every time you fly with checked baggage, remember to let us know your flight number through your selected chat app.

Support and further questions are answered through your selected Chat App. Any additional help can be found by emailing harrier@ba.com. Please quote the serial number of your device in your correspondance.


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