Seleccione lo mejor de Francia, Italia y Alemania, mézclelo y descubra por qué la gente siempre regresa a Suiza. Si le gustan los entornos al aire libre, diríjase directamente a los Alpes nevados de Suiza, a los lagos ondulados enmarcados por montañas situados cerca de Ginebra, o a los sinuosos prados de Zúrich. O bien, relájese en sus pueblos pintorescos con un café y observando a la gente en sus históricas plazas.

Cities we fly to in Switzerland

Holidays in Switzerland


Switzerland is a nature-loving land with two-thirds of the country covered by the Alps. You'll find unspoilt forests wherever you go and pristine lakes in central Switzerland, around Lucerne. Head south-west towards Geneva for French-speaking Switzerland and south for Italian flair. The rest is mainly German-speaking, including Zurich and capital Bern. Everywhere you'll find flower-decked picture-book villages with colourful local traditions.

City breaks in Switzerland


Explore the towns along the fertile lowland strip between Lake Geneva and Lake Constance –go west and you'll find Geneva and east will lead to Zurich. Between the two you can visit the 12th-century moated Swiss capital, Bern, for a science lesson at the Einstein House or to snap the medieval city-symbol Zytglogge clock tower. Or find Basel packed with art museums.

Things to do in Switzerland


Visit the River Rhine's oldest Roman ruins of Augusta Raurica near Augst. Catch ferries across Switzerland's crescent-shaped Lake Geneva, narrow Lake Zurich and Lake Lucerne, tucked between soaring limestone mountains. Further south climb the High Alps for some of the world's best-known ski resorts including St Moritz. Or stick to Switzerland's lush green meadows listening to sound of trickling streams.