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Do you want to surprise somebody special?Let us create some #BAMAGIC

Last edited 25 August 2017

Can we create some #BAMAGIC for somebody you know?

We witness some amazing moments in airports. Whether it’s travelling home to see loved ones or taking children for their very first overseas holiday, travel can be special.

We are also surrounded by heroes, medics, firefighters, police, mums, children, neighbours and friends who have faced adversity and done amazing things.

Do you know somebody who deserves to be surprised by British Airways?

We’ve met and surprised some special people over the last year, and now we are looking for more people to surprise and help.

See Joseph and Nicola's, Hanna and Tom’s, Mandy’s and Hannah’s stories below.

What is your special story?

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Get in touch

Tell us about your interesting story behind a trip travelling with us in 2017 and we could make your trip special.

Please remember to include your full name, contact telephone number and some information about the person you’d like to surprise.

We will endeavor to reply to your email, but we cannot guarantee a response.

To qualify you must:

  • Be willing to allow British Airways to film your travel experience and share it through social channels and with the media.
  • Have a special story that you are willing to share.

Email us now

Vegas is the place,where you can do anythingat any time

Hannah,  Hannah's surprise trip to Las Vegas