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Young travellers

A ride to a magical place

Jump into a magical world, where anything can happen. Live the spirit of the jungle or ride in a magical pumpkin by revisiting old time favourites like Cinderella and Tarzan. Spend time together, and cuddle and laugh with the latest family blockbusters. Even our littlest travellers get a colourful experience with their own Baby TV channel.

Listen, explore, and score!

We have music for the young soul, leading video games for lively children and educational programs for the visionary. Our state-of-the-art entertainment devices feature hundreds of options to explore! With the very first dual-screen interface, onboard all our A350, A380 and B787 aircraft, your child will be able to multitask -- like play a game while watching a movie.


A warm cradle

Enjoy special treatment. Our attentive crew is available to ensure your flight goes smoothly. In addition to priority check-in and the option to reserve a bassinet* seat, parents travelling with infants will have access to our special kit, which includes diapers, baby food jars, a bottle and soft toys.

Space to stretch and wiggle

Kids need space -- lots of it! Qatar Airways offers that and much more. Enjoy one of the most spacious Economy Class seats in the sky. Your child will have lots of room to eat, sleep, stretch and play. Our young fleet and calm cabin will ensure a quieter and smoother ride for a much-needed sleep.

A world filled with colour

The little ones will get to meet Mr. Potato Head and the Hasbro gaming team to keep them company throughout the flight. Your kids will stay engaged and entertained with creative and educational kits that come with crayons, stickers, and an activity book filled with puzzles, fun facts, and colouring pages.** Infants receive a sleepy-time Mr. Potato Head soft plush with an interactive eye mask to encourage positive sleep habits and endless peek-a-boo play, as well as a soft plush book.

Delicious treats with character

Our lunch box is filled with fresh and tasty food, fruit juice, and sweet treats to get even the picky eater munching away. Both Mr. Potato Head and Monopoly designs easily translate for all age groups. Kids get to keep the lunch box and make every meal a fun meal.

Please make sure to order a kids’ meal for your child when booking your ticket. 

*Bassinets are not available in the First Class cabin on the Airbus 380, and infants will need to be seated on an adult's lap.

**We offer children different activity packs depending on the length of the flight.