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Special baggage items

Sporting equipment

Qatar Airways accepts any sporting equipment as checked baggage as part of the passenger's free checked baggage allowance mentioned on the ticket.

Any sporting equipment which exceeds the free allowance will be subject to excess baggage rates.

When purchased in advance, specific sporting equipment rates apply (excluding online excess baggage purchase). When purchased at the airport, regular excess baggage rates apply.

View the excess baggage rates for sporting equipment (advance offline purchase)

View the regular excess baggage rates

Diving equipment: All air and gas cylinders must be empty before they can be accepted. Underwater torches or knives must be appropriately packed.

Bicycles: May be carried as checked baggage or cargo. They must be properly packed in a strong purpose-made cardboard box. Tyres should be deflated, pedals removed, and handlebars turned and fixed lengthways.

Fishing equipment: Rods, nets, tackle boxes, and other bulky equipment must be carried as cargo or checked baggage. They must be suitably packed.

Golf equipment: Golf bags and club sets must be carried as cargo or checked baggage.

Musical instruments: Fragile musical instruments may be carried in the cabin but you must purchase a ticket for the seat that is occupied by the musical instrument. The maximum weight allowed is 75 kg and maximum length is 120 cm.

Wheelchairs: Qatar Airways provides onboard wheelchairs on all wide-bodied aircraft. Passengers' own wheelchairs are carried at no charge and do not count towards the baggage allowance.

Sports weapons and ammunition

Notification and clearance of the airline is required before transporting sports weapons and ammunition as cargo or checked baggage. The correct import and export licenses must also be presented prior to travel. All weapons must be unloaded and securely packed. Sports ammunition (in divisions 1.4S, UN 0012 or UN 0014 only) is limited to a maximum of 5 kg per passenger.